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50 Fans Anime Reviews to Date. (*Note) Newest Reviews marked by:NEW*
NEW*Full Metal Alchemist - 12 year old Edward Elric and 10 year old alphonso Elric tried to revive their mother.... Series
NEW*Witch Hunter Robin - She joins a team that hunts witches called the STNJ as a replacement member.... Series
.Hack//Sign - In a game called "The World" a character named Tsukasa, has been unable to logout..... Series
3x3 Eyes - Many years ago, there was an immortal race known as the Sanjiyan..... Series
Android Kikaider - Kikaider starts off with a Professor making a humenioed robot.... Series
Berserk - In this world is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law..... Series
Big O - Forty years ago, every human being in Paradine City lost their memory.... Series
Blood The Last Vampire - Right before the dawn of the Vietnam War, the US Army has plenty of fears..... Movie
Blue Seed - In ancient Japan, there was once a family known as the Kushinada family..... Series
Brain Powered - The story takes place sometime in the near future...... Series
Cowboy Bebop - The year is 2071, Crime is at its peak, and the syndicates are at war..... Series
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on Heavens Door - Mars, days before All Hallows Eve, a tanker truck explodes.... Movie
DevilMan - Life is unexpectedly stopped for a young high school boy, named Akira..... Series
Dragon Ball - The story line of DB follows an ancient chinese legend of Son Wukong..... Series
Dragon Slayer - Faaren is a peaceful kingdom, ruled by a wise and charismatic king..... Series
Excel Saga - The story revolves around a young girl named Excel.... Series
Final Fantasy Unlimited - The series begins when the pillar of darkness blasts from the sky..... Series
Fooly Cooly - Ok, brief Silence and then a rock n' roll entrance..... Series
Full Metal Panic - A cloaking mech, Solviet terrorists, secret plans..... Series
Gate Keepers - Gate Keepers is about teenagers who work for a earth defense force.... Series
Ghost In The Shell - The movie opens with Major Kusanagi, a cybernetic special agent for section 9..... Movie
Gundam Wing - Gundam Wing is a "Mecha" story full of high-paced action..... Series
Hellsing - Hellsing is pure, full blown violence, Limbs ripping, blood bursting..... Series
Initial D - Initial D is about a young street racer named Takumi.... Series
Inuyasha - Inuyasha and Kikyo had once been lovers, but then they both betrayed each other..... Series
Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade - Jin Roh is a story set in an alternate past..... Movie
Lupin the Third - Lupin is a very good theif, he could steal almost anything..... Series
Naruto - Naruto is a anime about a boy born in a ninja based society..... Series
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Evangelion is about a boy named Shinji that meets his father..... Series
Ninja Ressurection - Ninja Ressurection starts out in the 1500's, Christianity is forbidden by law..... OAV
Ninja Scroll - Jubei is a masterless ninja who travels the land alone..... Movie
Patlabor: The TV Series - A new police division uses medium sized machines called Ingrams..... Series
Perfect Blue - You never quite know what is going to happen next...... Movie
Red Hawk - He protects the innocent town's people like a hawk..... Movie
Robot Carnival - Robot Carnival has something to satisfy just about any anime fans hunger..... Movie
Rurouni Kenshin - Rurouni Kenshin is the story of a wandering samurai..... Series
Sailormoon - Sailor Moon, is an Anime about inner and outer senshi(warriors)..... Series
Saint Seiya - Saint Seiya is basically about warriors trying to protect the Greek Goddess Athena..... Series
Saiyuki - Saiyuki is the story of a monk, a half-demon, and 2 demons..... Series
Scryed - In the near future, an unexplained phenomenon has occured on a distant island..... Series
Shadow Skill - The action sequences in this anime are just beautiful..... Series
Spirited Away - A fantasy adventure with a ten year-old girl..... Movie
Spriggan - Yu Ominae seems, to most people, like your average Japanese high school boy.... Movie
Tenchi Muyo - The Juraian Royal Family had special powers..... Series
Those Who Hunt Elves - There is a legend, of three heroes of light and their cannon of miracles.... Series
Vampire Hunter D - 12,090 AD. Vampires have taken hold of the world, making it their own toy.... Movie
Vampire Hunter D Blood Lust - Vampires rule the world. Demon underlings do the bidding of the overlords.... Movie
Vandread - For a long time, there have been two planets.... Series
Voltage Fighter Gowcaiser: The Movie - There is a man who seeks to avenge the ones he loves..... Movie
Yu Yu Hakusho - In the game of life, second chances are rare..... Series