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(Perfect Blue)

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Meema is a pop idol who has dreams of being a movie star, but has problems reaching her goal. After she finally reaches her goal, she only gets minor parts in shows! But that seems to be the least of her worries. Somebody seems to know exacly what is going on in her life and where. They know everything, including what she thinks. Who is this person, and why are they doing this to her. Only time will tell in this suspenseful anime....

I didnt like this one too much, but everything about it is so good, i had to give a good rank, to be fair. Now, i like a realistic anime sometimes, but this one is just so creepy. The things that the people say and do are all very realistic. The animation is very life like at some points, but it's not in favor of many otakus likings. The music makes you feel ready to jump out of your seat in suspense. You never quite know what is going to happen next. All in all a good job on the scale, but if your into other kinds of anime, steer clear of this one.

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nitemare08-04-2004 09:32 [E-Mail,Site]
Perfect Blue was one of the best animes i've ever seen. It's right up there with Akira and Vampire Hunter D. The plot twists are very suspenseful and the characters were very well developed.
sapan10-11-2003 19:41 [E-Mail,Site]
this movie is excellent! u forget ur wathcing animation! it may be graphic
at some points, but its never unneccesary, like in other animes. This is the movie
to show people that anime is not for kids! 5 stars! if u like ghost in the shell ull
prolly like this
Picky08-15-2003 22:35 [E-Mail,Site]
This anime might not be for the squeemish (The murders are very graphic), but it is very suspensefull and deals with real world issues such as: stalking, mental illness, the seduction of fame, the price paid for it, loss of identity ... (I could go on ...). Orignial story with twists and turns, intense editing matching the story well, a trippy feel that really brings you into the messed up head of the main character. Highly recommended to those seeking originality and depth and can handle and intense movie.
Malice07-27-2003 00:44 [E-Mail,Site]
This is the single most f'd up anime the world over. It was all I could do to sit through it. I absolutely hated it. The only praise I can give it is innovative animation. The only way I can recommend anyone see it is to see what a messed up anime it is so they never have to watch it again-blech!-1 outta 10
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