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(Witch Hunter Robin)

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Witch Hunter Robin Summary:

Witch Hunter Robin consists of the main character Robin Sena. She joins a team that hunts witches called the STNJ as a replacement member. Unlike the others of the STNJ, she is an actual witch who has lived in a monastary for her life. She has the power over fire. Through the series, Robin and the other crew of ther STNJ use their skills to take down various kinds of witches. From witches that have control over the earth to witches that can switch body parts with another, there are even witches that are considered dead already. Of course, their fun and games all change when the hunter Robin become the hunted. Now that she is the prey, how her new friends at the STNJ think of her? One can only guess.

Other characters include:
Amon - a silent, but very experianced witch hunter. He's the veteran of the STNJ.
Micheal - a hacker for the STNJ that was caught by them and given the choice: be their slave and work for them or die.
Karasuma - another STNJ memeber who takes her job seriously. She also has witch abilities, but only to detect presences in objects and minds.
Dojima - the lazy member of the STNJ. She's normally not doing much work.
Sakaki - accident prone member of the STNJ, but very willing to work.

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Vash The Stampede06-09-2007 21:21 [E-Mail,Site]
Why cant more anime be like this? This anime shows amazing artwork and one hell of a story line. If you want to spend your time wisely and your money(40 bucks for whole series!) i suggest to check this out 10 out of 10.
Jonothon03-08-2006 19:27 [E-Mail,Site]
This... is a slap in the face of every pagan. I was only able to watch the first 5 episodes before I had to set it down for fear of projectile vomit. The "great story" that people are talking about is nothing more then a modern day Salem. Now don't get me wrong, this is not to start a flamewar or anything like that, I've seen plenty of animes that deal with religion, and other 'iffy' subjects, but this one takes it in the complete wrong direction.
kanchigodoffire10-21-2005 13:06 [E-Mail,Site]
ok so im totally not new to anime
i've been watching it since i was 8
but this show really caught my attention... it is just so...just wow
i don't know how to describe it but it is great all the same
Sagaki04-21-2005 19:10 [E-Mail,Site]
nothing id love more but to live in it
nick03-13-2005 22:47 [E-Mail,Site]
too much talking for but its pretty cool i used to watch it every now and then on TV
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