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(Patlabor: The TV Series)

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It's not a big show in terms of animation, but in terms of story, it's perfect. 8/10

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Patlabor: The TV Series Summary:

This probabably one of the most underrated anime television series I've seen. The plot is great, the mecha is solid and the story is very
original and has it's own special brand of humor to it. So why isn't there so much fandom? Well, it came out around 1989 when DBZ was just starting up, so I could see why it's been so secluded.

This 47-episode series is actually quite good considering it was made in 1989. The show has a great staff including Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell), Kenji Kawaii (Ghost in the Shell music) and others that worked on such shows as KOR and Lodoss War. The story takes place in the year 1999. A new police division has been setup that uses medium sized machines called Ingrams to stop mad robots called Labors (usually piloted by drunks). A new member joins the team called Nao. Nao is pretty touchy when it comes to her Ingram, but she is a pretty vital memeber of the team. Azuma is kind of the guy who shows Nao how everything works within Division 2 which is headed up by Captain Goto, who is the most carefree boss you'll ever see. Nothing makes this guy surprised. Like he anticipates what will happen next.

Most of the episodes either deal with day-to-day jobs of Division 2 or dealing with public disturbances. For instance, one episode will deal with stoping a secret military Labor while the other will involve saving their fishing boat. The humor is pretty light hearted and will make you laugh atleast once during the show.

And with two OAVs, a second TV series and two movies directed by Oshii, there is enough Patlabor to go around. If your not hooked yet, your missing out on one of the most underrated series of the early 90's.

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N Govier10-05-2003 03:02 [E-Mail,Site]
I saw this as a boy, and to tell one the truth, it was quite a bore, following the story is not that hard but the trick is to stay awake while watching it, it helps. Anyway the story IS actually quite good, and the characters are nice and well voiced, sometimes you cant keep along everything happening at once, but the final few minutes will keep you awake no dought, and the ending is somewhat....unsatisfying. If your into single shot five minute animation of talking and lots and lots of story, im sure you will find this interesting. N Govier - Anime Reviews PSW
Bobo08-19-2003 19:50 [E-Mail,Site]
this is a cool one but it rips of gundam like every other robot show in some way. i saw 5 eps and it got to be a waste of time. it has its parts but its mainly a rip.
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