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(Neon Genesis Evangelion)

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Summary:

Evangelion is about a boy named Shinji that meets his father after a long time and finds out his father Gendo only wanted him because he had a purpose for him and wanted him to pilot eva.

Short Episode Guide:

Episode 01: Angel Attack
Shinji reluctantly joins NERV and is immediately put in command of Evangelion Unit 01 to battle the third Angel.

Episode 02: Unfamiliar Ceiling
After a long battle, Shinji manages to defeat the Angel. Having no where else to stay, he decides to live with NERV agent, Misato.

Episode 03: The Phone That Never Rings
Shinji begins school and is suddenly called to battle a new Angel. During the battle, two classmates: Toji and Aida, interfere with things. Shinji helps them aboard his Eva and finishes off the Angel.

Episode 04: Rain, Escape, and Afterward
Shinji runs away from home. He is very emotionally conflicted about whether or not to pilot Evangelion. He finally returns home and stoically accepts his fate as Unit 01's pilot.

Episode 05: Rei, Beyond her Heart
Shinji tries to get closer to Rei with no luck. He then boards Unit 01 to take on a new, powerful Angel but is immediately defeated.

Episode 06: Showdown in Tokyo-3
Through a complicated plan born of Misato's ingenuity and the teamwork of Shinji and Rei, the Angel is finally defeated.

Episode 07: The Human Creation
A company designs an unmanned alternative to Evangelion. It is called "Jet Alone" and, upon powering-up, it goes haywire with the risk of melting-down. Misato must save the day.

Episode 08: Asuka Strikes!
We meet Asuka Langley, the Second Child and Kaji, her government escort. Asuka loves to show-off and, when a new Angel appears, she takes Shinji inside her Evangelion Unit 02 to defeat it.

Episode 09: With One Cord in a Flash
A new Angel appears and Asuka and Shinji must cooperate with their Evangelions to defeat it. At first, they are easily beaten and embarassed. A rigorous training schedule follows. Finally, Asuka and Shinji defeat the Angel (in a scene that resembles a well-coordinated ballet).

Episode 10: Magmadiver
Asuka and Unit 02 are sent to recover the 8th Angel inside of a volcano. Episode 11: In the Still Darkness The power mysteriously goes out in Tokyo-3 when the 9th Angel attacks.

Episode 12: The Value of a Miracle is...
Misato's past is revealed. All three Evas must try to prevent the 10th Angel from crashing into Earth.

Episode 13: Angel Invasion
The 11th Angel infects NERV's computer systems, and Ritsuko has to try and stop it. Episode 14: SEELE, Throne of Souls Recap of the Angel's attacks. Rei wonders about who she really is.

Episode 15: Lie and Silence
Misato is lonely. Kaji reveals secrets about NERV and about himself.

Episode 16: Sickness Unto Death, and...
The 12th Angel swallows Shinji and Unit 01. Shinji must come to grips with his identity before he can escape.

Episode 17: The Fourth Child
The fourth child is chosen, but his identity is kept a secret from Shinji (for very important reasons).

Episode 18: The Judgement of Life
Eva Unit 03 goes berserk and is reclassified as the 13th Angel. Toji is the fourth child.

Episode 19: A Man's Fight
Shinji decides that he'll never pilot an Eva again. Nothing anyone can say or do can make him forget what the Eva did to Toji. But when the newest and most dangerous Angel yet attacks, Shinji is forced to make a fateful choice.

Episode 20: Form of the Mind, Form of the Man
Mankind may have been saved by the Eva's awakening, but Shinji has been physically intermingled with the Eva. Meanwhile, everyone who has been left behind tries desperately to rescue him.

Episode 21: The Birth of NERV
Vice-commander Fuyutsuki has been kidnapped by SEELE and previous memories have been pulled from his mind. Through these memories, we learn of the birth of NERV and the mysterious pasts of many of its personnel.

Episode 22: At Least, Be Humane
Something is haunting Asuka's mind as she is surpassed by Shinji yet again. As her ego slowly brings her to insanity, the next Angel attacks, this time targeting the very core of her depression - her mind and memories.

Episode 23: Tear
Unit 00 becomes trapped when the next Angel makes its attack. As the Angel slowly eats into the Eva's core, Rei makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Shinji and the others. But after such a wave of heat and lava, can she possibly survive?

Episode 24: The Final Messenger
Tokyo-3 is gone, and hence has Shinji's friends. It is now that the fifth child makes his appearance, whose smile melts his way into Shinji's frozen heart.

Episode 25: The Ending World
The last Angel has been destroyed, but Shinji continues to battle with his emotions. He and Asuka find that they have no real closure from the Eva to simply walk away, and they go through past events in their minds.

Episode 26: The Beast that Shouted "I" at the Heart of the World
Shinji continues to struggle with his mind in this final episode. As in the last episode, he tries to convince himself of certain aspects by bringing up past experiences, such as whether or not the world he lives in is the right one for him.


EVANGELION: Unit 00 [original]
The original, orange Evangelion Unit 00 was the first prototype developed to battle the Angels. During an activation test-run with Rei Ayanami as the pilot, Unit 00 went berserk and was put back under repairs. Later on, Unit 00 was destroyed in the battle against the Fifth Angel.

EVANGELION: Unit 00 [revamped]
Evangelion Unit 00 was revamped and given a new paint job after it was destroyed in the fight against the Fifth Angel.

Evangelion Unit 01 was modeled after Lilith, whereas the rest of the Evas were modeled after Adam. It is rumored that Yui Ikari was sucked into Unit 01, giving the Eva a soul. Unit 01 is by far the most unpredictable of the Evas and, for this reason, it is easily the most powerful. Unit 01 regenerates, acts without a pilot on some occasions, and goes into a bloodthirsty rampage against certain Angels. It is truly a frightening force to behold, even if it's on your side. The humble pilot to Unit 01 is Evangelion's main character, Shinji Ikari.

Unit 02 is piloted by none other than the spunky Asuka Langley. Unit 02, according to Asuka, is the first non-prototype Evangelion model.

Evangelion Unit 03 looks a lot like Unit 01 except that it is a much darker color. Unit 03 is piloted by Toji Suzuhara and is possessed by an Angel upon activation, which leads it to go berserk and attack the other Evangelions. Unit 03 is ultimately destroyed by Unit 01, which is reverted to dummy plug mode when Shinji refuses to hurt Toji.

We never really get to see Evangelion Unit 04. It was built and located in the Nebraska NERV base, which mysteriously disappears from the face of the Earth.

EVANGELION: Units 05-12
Evangelion Units 05-12 were created by SEELE to directly attack NERV. These Units rely on an internal S2 engine, which makes them unmanned. Each Unit carries a replica of the Lance of Longinus, and each Unit can fly with seraphic wings.

As Neon Genesis Evangelion progresses, we learn that the Evangelions aren't completely mechanical. Rather, they are organic constructs that are merely binded by armor. The Evangelions were genetically engineered based on the retrieved Angels, Adam and Lilith.


Angel #1 - Adam
Adam was discovered in the year 2000 by a research team that included Misato's father. This discovery caused the Second Impact, which wiped out half the world's population. Adam was later found and brought to Gendo, in embryo form, by Kaji.

Angel #2 - Lilith
Lilith is an Angel that is shrouded in mystery. It is never really explained where it came from. Lilith is hidden deep within NERV Headquarters, where it is nailed to a cross and protruded by the Lance of Longinus. Lilith's blood is the LCL used in the Evangelions' entry plugs. Furthermore, Lilith was used as a model to create Evangelion Unit 01.

Angel #3 - Sachiel (Angel of Water)
Sachiel is the first Angel that we actually see in the series. It is immune to all conventional weapons and so Unit 01 is dispatched (with Shinji as the pilot) to take care of it. Sachiel is victorious over Shinji until Unit 01 mysteriously regenerates and causes the Angel to self-destruct.

Angel #4 - Shamsel (Angel of Day)
Shamsel has whip-like arms that cause massive damage to Shinji's Unit 01. Shinji runs into problems with fighting Shamsel because of Toji and Aida's interference. Furthermore, Shinji has to fight Shamsel without Unit 01's power cable. Shinji defeats the Angel after going berserk and after having only a few seconds of power remaining in Unit 01.

Angel #5 - Ramiel (Angel of Thunder)
Ramiel is shaped like a floating polyhedron. It destroys everything within its range with a powerful beam of energy and has a retractable drill that it uses to try and penetrate NERV Headquarters. Ramiel is eventually snipered by a rifle that uses all the energy in Japan for power.

Angel #6 - Gaghiel (Angel of Fish)
Gaghiel is a massive Angel in the form of a fish. It is attracted to Kaji's briefcase, which contains Adam's embryo. It is destroyed partly by Evangelion Unit 02 and partly by a group of battleships that self-destruct in its stomach.

Angel #7 - Israfel (Angel of Music)
When Israfel is cut in half, both halves remain dangerous and act as a mini-Angel. Asuka and Shinji had to work hard to synchronize their movements to defeat it.

Angel #8 - Sandalphon (Angel of Birth)
NERV attempted to capture Sandalphon, which was trapped within the Mt. Asama volcano (in embryo form). Sandalphon immediately hatches when it is captured and attacks Unit 02. Sandalphon has the unique ability to withstand immense amounts of heat, and it can even open its mouth when submerged in hot lava. Unit 02 defeated Sandalphon by using it's cooling systems.

Angel #9 - Matarael (Angel of Rain)
NERV's electrical power was disabled by an unknown source, presumably a terrorist organization. This Angel resembles a large spider, but has one gigantic, multi-colored eye. Matarael used its acid attack to penetrate NERV's defenses. For the first time ever, all three Evas are dispatched simultaneously to defeat it.

Angel #10 - Sahaqiel (Angel of the Sky)
Sahaqiel was a long, orange mass that entered Earth from outerspace. It attempted to destroy NERV headquarters by crashing into it. Sahaqiel could also drop parts of its body onto opponents in order to destroy them. Units 00 through 02 caught the Angel in their AT Fields before it could crash into NERV headquarters and self-destruct.

Angel #11 - Ireul (Angel of Fear)
Sources indicate that this Angel managed to enter NERV headquarters, but there is no evidence that this event ever actually happened. Ireul was composed of millions of miniature computers, but it could still create an AT field. It tried to take over NERV's computer systems, but Ritsuko Akagi managed to destroy it by programming it to self-destruct.

Angel #12 - Leliel (Angel of Night)
Leriel was composed of both a giant zebra-striped ball and the large shadow below it. The shadow was the real Angel, which could absorb things into a separate universe known as a "Sea of Durac." Leriel absorbed Unit 01 and Shinji Ikari, but somehow Unit 01 managed to break free of the Sea of Durac and destroy the Angel from the inside.

Angel #13 - Bardiel (Angel of Hail)
Bardiel was originally classified as Eva Unit 03, but somehow it became overtaken by an Angel during a standard synch ratio test. Bardiel looks similar to Unit 02, with the exception of the black paint covering its hull. Using only its bare hands, the Angel destroyed almost everything in its path, and caused severe damage to Units 00 and 02. Unit 01's pilot, Shinji Ikari was unwilling to fight the Angel because of the human inside of it, so Gendo Ikari authorized the use of the dummy plug against Bardiel. Under the direction if its computer-controlled brain, Unit 01 immediately destroyed Bardiel. Pilot of Unit 03, Toji Suzuhara, barely survived the encounter.

Angel #14 - Zeruel (Angel of Might)
Zuruel has a vaguely humanoid appearance, except for its arms which resemble pieces of paper floating in the wind. In reality these are extremely deadly weapons, and they have the power to chop even EVAs into small pieces. Zuruel did severe damage to Unit 02, and even heavier damage to Unit 00, which tried to kill it by charging the Angel with an N2 mine and self-destructing. This did not work, and Unit 01 finally destroyed it.

Angel #15 - Arael (Angel of Birds)
This is, by far, the least active Angel in the series. In Episode 22, it merely lingers just above Earth's atmosphere - and just out of NERV's attack range. When Asuka does launches an attack, the Angel infiltrates her mind in a very emotional scene where Asuka starts bringing up horrible memories that she had tried to keep hidden. In a last ditch effort to hit it at full power, and hence destroy it, Rei retrieves the Lance of Longinus from Central Dogma, and hurls it at the unsuspecting Angel. The lance immediately goes right through Arael's AT field and effectively kills it.

Angel #16 - Armisael (Angel of the Womb)
Not really taking any particular form, this Angel - whom we meet in Episode 23 - has the appearance of a line. A very long and powerful line, mind you, but a line nevertheless. The first, and only, Eva to investigate this strange creature was Rei in Unit 02, who was immediately attacked when the Angel noted her AT field. What the Angel did was inject one of the ends of its line into Eva Unit 02, and actually started trying to merge with it, both physically and mentally. When Eva Unit 01 came to back her up, the Angel used its other end to attack Shinji, so Rei self destructed, destroying the Angel for good.

Angel #17 - Tabris/Kaworu (Angel of Alternatives)
The Angel Tabris disguised itself as a young boy named Kaworu who was given to NERV directly by SEELE under the moniker "Fifth Child." Having been born from Adam, he could set his synch ratio with other children of Adam - namely the Evas - at any percentage he wanted, so long as they lacked a soul. He used this technique to control Eva Unit 02 and head down to Central Dogma, where he would meet Adam, at last. By the time he got there, he realized that this was not Adam, but Lilith, the second Angel. Just when he realized this, Eva Unit 01, with Shinji as the pilot, arrived on the scene. Kaworu surrendered and sacrificed himself to Unit 01 out of love for Shinji. And so was the last of the Angels killed.


(First Child) Rei Ayanami
(Second Child) Asuka Langly Sohryu
(Third Child) Shinji Ikari
(Fourth Child) Toji Suzuhara
(Fifth Child) Kaworu Nagisa

[NERV Agents]

Ritsuko Akagi
Gendo Ikari
Misato Katsuragi
Fuyutsuki Kozo
Kaji Ryouji

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CJ02-15-2004 15:41 [E-Mail,Site]
Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is a trippy show people, I had to watch the wholse series twice just to understand the main story. There is no down side to this anime, except that you may have to consult your phyciatrist about life death and christianity. My mind explded with lots of messed up shit when I watched end of eva, that was probably the wierdest most bizzare, most perfect movie I've ever seen, and ever will see. The battle scenes are to die for, the stuff about life death and religion will screw your mind right over, and you will have naughty pictures of rei zooming through your mind every 10 seconds. That is just my opinion of course, you may think otherwise. I havn't really been able to give an honest opinion for this anime yet, its still spinning around in my head.... anyways all in all great anime, Gianax has proved that they are amoung masters of Anime.
Rebecca 11-30-2003 09:29 [E-Mail,Site]
No the last angel was not killed, don't forget Rei Ayanami was the last angel. If you remember in the 24th episode there were two AT fields. One was Kaworu's and the other was Rei's. Rei's AT Field forced the screen to go blank when it was monitoring Unit 01, 17th Angel and Unit 02. So really Kaworu knew when he looked up and saw Rei that she would finish the job. Cause when Kaworu meet Rei on the stairs and said you're like me then we knew that Rei was made up of parts of an angel and Yui Ikari. The angel wasn't adam it was Lillith. Cause remember in the end of evangelion she needed the adam that Gendo fused with his hand to help Shinji with the third impact that Shinji's mother started. I think Yui Ikari knew from the beginning that she would cause third impact by putting her soul in Eva Unit 01. Only her son could pilot to it's fullness. I reckon when the Eva goes berserk it is Yui who takes the controls to kill the angels so she could be only living being left. These are my thoughts from watching the show millions of times.
Vash the stampede 10-22-2003 21:54 [E-Mail,Site]
This is one of the best anime i have ever seen im only 10 but still ive seen alot of anime. Eva 1 is going to whoop the angels ass. There fuckin pussies.
Adonye10-21-2003 13:15 [E-Mail,Site]
Evas rock i can't wait for the live action one
Legato08-30-2003 21:18 [E-Mail,Site]
ok, this review was perfect. not like my spelling. but i didn't know that the angels had names besides angel 1, 2 and 3. wel w/e its cool any way.

if you know info on the rumor about evangelion revived please tell me. and if you know where i can see some pics tell me that too, cos i would love to hear info about it. some1 should make a review about the EOE.

and about EOE does everybody in the world die, besides shinji and asuka. if you know the answer to that please tell me that too.

And don't make a review on Rebirth and death cos that was like just cut scense from the series. and then 20 min of the movie EOE.

well that is all bye
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