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Vandread Summary:

I seriously recommend this anime.... Studio Gonzo (Hellsing, Full Metal Panic) put a lot of flashy effects in this, as well as an interesting story.

The story is this:

For a long time, there have been two planets. One, Taraaku, inhabited only by men. The other, Mejale, inhabited only by women. Men were made to believe that women are monsters that rip out your organs, while women are convinced that men are simply stupid compared to their style (and fashion sense!).

In the middle of all this, Hibiki Tokai, a 3rd class citizen makes a bet with his bunkmates that he can steal a Bangata/Van-type assault mech from the recently rebuilt Taraakan battleship. During the revelation ceremonies, Hibiki sneaks in to find the mech he imprinted with a tag during manifacturing. Unfortunately, the high command decides that it would be a nice display of their "manly" power to launch the ship 2 hours early, and Hibiki finds himself a stowaway on the biggest ship (probably the first) he's ever seen. -and is eventually caught by ship security and thrown in the storage room.

As the ship prepares some routine practice fights, a Mejale pirate ship, disguised as flying rubble, attacks using the sleek and agile Dread fighters. They quickly invade the main part of the ship, and the male commanders, separated from the main body, order the destruction rather than to let it fall into enemy hands.

The blast causes the Pexis crystal core to overload and open a rift in space, causing both the Taraaku and the Mejale vessels to get swept lightyears away, as well as getting their hulls fused together.

-Oh, and Hibiki accidentaly runs into a girl (the first he's ever seen! ^o^), Dita, who haunts him from that moment on by stalking him and calling him "Alien-san".

Now, the reluctant all-female pirate crew must work together with the remaining males (only 3 males left: Hibiki the impulsive main character, Bart the pussy - but he's the only one who can fly the new-formed ship -, and Duero the serious-but-really-cool doctor) or face destruction by a strange adaptive alien race who's bent on harvesting their organic structure - not an easy thing to do when you're in a whole different galaxy. Luckily the Pexis overload caused three Dread-fighters and Hibiki's pet Bangata to transform into something new - and way more powerful...

Naturally the plot is accompanied by CG-action, as expected from a Gonzo-produced anime. But the environment (Males vs. Females) leaves room for an almost infinite playfulness.

For instance: Imagine a classic boy-accidentally-peeps-on-girl scene. Easy to do and not that original... Only this time the guy has never before in his life seen a girl before... well... you can guess what happens, but I really recommend you watch it.

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anime doctor11-29-2007 17:57 [E-Mail,Site]
vandraed is awsome three men and a whole lot of space piraty women. I want to see whats next to come.
sweet10-16-2006 14:24 [E-Mail,Site]
email me and ill tell u what its like to be one lol jk but hey its so awesome
The end of time gate keeper08-21-2005 21:32 [E-Mail,Site]
WOW the frist time i saw it i could not believe the good animetion. i cant stop drawing the charters : )
azn_dudex07-08-2005 11:38 [E-Mail,Site]
if u like hot anime girls and sweet mecha action u will like this anime.
Jial06-27-2005 22:06 [E-Mail,Site]
I dropped in some episodes ago, and I got absolutely hooked on to it.
The graphics are awesome, the story original, and the fact the show cracks me up is a big plus point aswell XD
I'd like to see the next season ^__^
 Comments Page:  1 2
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