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(Gundam Wing)

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Gundam Wing is a "Mecha" story full of high-paced action. The Earth has seperated into so called colonies in space. Some live on Earth, some live in the colonies. The colonies are angry that they aren't given support like the Earth is. A man named Barton, who is the leader of the colonies, has planned an attack called Operation Meteor to rule the Earth. Each colony sent a boy in a individual mechas called "Gundams". They were supposed to carry out operation meteor, but chose later on not to. They had many battles on Earth against such men as Traize Kushrinada,Milardo Peacecraft, and they tried to go back to the colonies. The were outlawed and wanted men. After several fights with the Colonies, they won in the final battle on a special colony named "Lebra". After this Relena Peacecraft, a woman very close to the gundam pilots, formed the Earth's Sphere United Nations. A GW Movie and comics tell what happens afterwards.

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BILLIRIS11-13-2006 15:29 [E-Mail,Site]
alvaro01-11-2006 16:06 [E-Mail,Site]
gundam wing is a good serie the best i see in my life
roasty04-05-2005 23:31 [E-Mail,Site]
Did anyone else notice that this is the first anime everyones seen but I agree this ones the shitt of all anime
and yes for the slower readers that means its really good.and if anyone did not catch that get off the internet
mike03-26-2005 15:31 [E-Mail,Site]
gundam wing is the very second anime ive ever seen right after dragonballz
now i am proud to say ive seen over 40 animes and counting and im the gundam expert i kno everything about both gundam timelines and universes if u have any questions or want to chalenge me my email is [email protected]
J.E.C.02-06-2005 02:27 [E-Mail,Site]
Gundam Wing is the best show when I was a kid.Even though it was hard to understand at times,it makes up for it with its plot,characters,story,and action.When I was a kid,I got sooo into it,I almost acted like Duo!!!The characters are sooo unforgetable!!!If you like Sci-fi action plus a litle serious since the story is sooo complex,this the one best shows you will see!!(by far)!!
 Comments Page:  1 2 3 4
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