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(Android Kikaider)

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Kikaider starts off with a Professor making a humenioed robot to battle with the robot's evil brother. That night, his lab catches on fire and he is taking away,while his robot awakens. The professor has a dauter name Mesco and a son named Masodo. Mesco soon finds the robot and gives him the name Jiro.

Jiro has dark brown hair and black eyes. He has green goggles on his head and a guitar on his back. He finds out that he has to kill Professor Gill, his worse enemy. On his way he meets up with his evil brother. They start to fight and Jiro loses. Mesco has to fix him and he goes after his bother and Professor Gill. Thats when his big fight begins. I as looooooovve the way he plays his guitar when he is sad.

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FlowerMaiden06-18-2007 17:55 [E-Mail,Site]
uhmm i thought it was a good show buht it wasnt the best cuz like it was wayy too short for one and its just kind of left me hanging in the end. Well i kind of forgot too tho if that was the end.
Areiko01-02-2006 18:44 [E-Mail,Site]
this is the best anime that has to do with androids ever created! its the best! no other anime or android anime can compare to this one. its just so... AWESOME! i LOVE Jiro and his older brother, i forgot his name, ^^;; its been awhile since i seen it
galxy12-30-2005 17:48 [E-Mail,Site]
i think it was geat! =] its so cool
musashi07-16-2005 02:29 [E-Mail,Site]
this was a good anime it had an interesting story to me but it seems to short id give it a 7/10
Apocalypse990712-18-2004 13:37 [E-Mail,Site]
I would give it a 6.8/10. Its doesn't aim high for a good experience with plot. Look, it came with a passing grade...we're not drenched badly.
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