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(Sailor Moon)

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Sailor Moon, is an Anime about inner and outer senshi ( warriors ) They fight evil and crime. The graphics are great, so is the music. It is romantic, depressing, and even dramatic. There are 5 inner sailors, and 7 outer senshi. They have great voice actors and it can also be very humerous. Usagi eating alot, and Venus chasing her idols..ect..I like it very much, expecially when its not dubbed.

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april12-06-2007 19:17 [E-Mail,Site]
aww... who didn't love sailormoon? it rocked
masona09-10-2006 12:29 [E-Mail,Site]
please i beg of you put sailormoon back on the air it was a good show because it taught kids about friendship and to never give up and team work and every one loved that show so it will fill their hearts with joy people will be greatful to you if tou do this.
DARK YOSHI07-02-2005 04:20 [E-Mail,Site]
Sailor moon is hot
Trunks04-07-2005 23:26 [E-Mail,Site]
Cool show. Watched it when i was younger. Never saw the new episodes.
J.E.C.02-06-2005 02:34 [E-Mail,Site]
The American version Sucks all the way to hell!!!!The company that did the editing suck soooooooo bad.I grew-up with and yes,I was into it!But when I figured out that they cutted out scenes that were important and redid the WHOLE script(Literaly)I WAS PISSED!!!I give you an example.The Sailor Scouts actually died before Sailor moon had to fight Queen Beryl.I figured that on my own and I was MAAAAAD!!!!!But te Japanese version is sooooooooooooo much than the english version!!!!If you really really REALLY like girls in uniform who kick ass than this is the show for you.Watch the Japanese version.NOT (I repeat) NOT the American Version!!!!
 Comments Page:  1 2 3 4
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