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(Excel Saga)

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Excel Saga Summary:

The story revolves around a young girl named Excel, recently added to the great organisation Across lead by Master Il Palazzo. Across has the aspiration to change the world as we know it because as Il Palazzo says: "This world is rotten!" But to change the world you must start small so Master Il Palazzo chose Excel to perform missions to prepare the world.

Sound weird eh? It's weird, it's about as weird as weird can get and then probably weirder then that. The whole show shows no story line, no indepth characters or drama. It's the Naked Gun of anime and will use every anime clich� and take it over the top.

Each episode focuses on a certain genre/clich�, for example the horror episode(featuring the dreadful Poucho, cute beings from another world) or the sport anime episode(giving a inside about the exciting world of bowling). But it also shows parody's from Sailormoon till Alien. This is one of those anime where it's best to turn your brain off and just watch, being drunk helps too.

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plasticone04-08-2006 13:26 [E-Mail,Site]
"Oh Lord Il Palazzo! You are SOOO DREAMY! Oh Lord Il Palazzo! Oh, I can'tthinkofbeingadaywithoutyoucomebacktomeeee!!!
I am Excel of ACROSS! And my job, as the senior member of ACROSS,and latrine orderly, is world domination!!!!!!"

Yes. Excel Saga is undoubtedly my favorite comedy anime. Ever.
little girl of excel01-28-2004 20:27 [E-Mail,Site]
i love excel, she is my faverit chareter.
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