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(Blue Seed)

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In ancient Japan, there was once a family known as the Kushinada family, and eight daughters were born to the family. When the girls reached a certain age, a monster named Orochi came to the family, and demanded that he be allowed to eat one of the daughters each year. Orochi was an enormous dragon with eight heads. It was known as an aragami. Each year, the monster got its wish, and devoured one of the daughters. When there was but one left, a young man came to the families aid. His name was Susanohoh, an outcast god. He fought with the monster and slew it, and asked for the daughters hand in marriage. They married, and that is the story of the Kushinada.

Many People will recognice this anime as work of Yuzo Takada, the genius behind the acclaimed anime, 3x3 Eyes. yet another masterpiece from Takada, this anime has great music, wonderful action scenes, and a beautiful storyline. One thing it is lacking is perfect animation. Its decent, but I've seen better. The character designs are great, and the voices in the dubbed version fit them perfectly. There is a character for everybody. If you have a chance to see this anime, I suggest you do. There is twenty six episodes, and a sequel out there somewhere. Overall, a very good anime.

When a yound girl named Momiji Fujimiya, a 15 year old high school student hears this legend, her life is changed forever. She is the descendent of the Kushinada, and many want her dead. The blood of the Kushinada is the only thing that can stop the aragami, and they intend to stop her from being sacrificed, using a ceramic field to distill the power of her blood. On the way to school one day, she meets Mamoru Kusanagi, an aragami/human half-breed. He is determined to kill her. He is interuppted by the TAC, a group that moniters the aragami. Later, he changes his mind, and decides to protect her, instead of taking her life. What many dangers will await them......

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sexyrican05-11-2005 22:29 [E-Mail,Site]
sound good gota check it out next time im in china town bootleg capital of the U.S
Drew Tucker07-19-2004 14:14 [E-Mail,Site]
Seen acouple episodes and though it was pretty ok.
typoon08-19-2003 11:13 [E-Mail,Site]
this is a really go show if you want to know it is on channel 278 279 the action channel it is on at 12:00 or 12:30 it is one of my favorite my other favorite is fooly cooly
PrinceOfAllSayains08-16-2003 14:34 [E-Mail,Site]
Never seen this series, but i have heard of it.. it sounds interesting and worth checking out..
 Comments Page:  1
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