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Inuyasha Summary:

This anime is about a girl named kagome, who is the reincarnation of a ancient preistess(kikyo) and she has special powers. She has this jewel called the Shikon Jewel. Well somehow I didn't personally see this, but she destroys the jewel and it becomes many many shards(pieces). It turns out there are also many many demons, that search for this very jewel and a half demon is one of them, by the name of inuyasha.

These two characters kagome and inuyasha, end up becoming very aquanted and search for the jewel together. They make lots of friends and enemies on the way, but i dont want to spoil anything, you will just have to watch it yourself. There is something very funny though, she somehow gets control of inuyasha and when she yells SIT, inuyasha falls flat on his face, LMAO its great stuff. Other then DBZ this is the very best anime i have ever seen in my life because its mixes alot of action yet with lots of laughs and even romance :)

Inuyasha is about a half demon named inuyasha, a girl named kagome who is the reincarnation of a priestess named kikyo, and the shikon jewel. Inuyasha and Kikyo had once been lovers but then they both betrayed each other and Inuyasha was pinned to a tree by a magic arrow for over 50 years. Now Kikyo is dead and the spell on Inuyasha is broken and the jewel is with Kikyo's reincarnation kagome.

But then the jewel is taken away by a demon bird and Inuyasha uses his Iron Reaver Soul Stealer and cuts the bird into a couple pieces. But the bird pulls its self back together except its leg gets stuck so kagome takes its leg and attaches a arrow to it. Shoots the leg at the demon and it hits the shikon jewel and splits in into over a hundred pieces and now every demon is searching for the shards. Though only kagome can see which demons have the shards so kagome, inuyasha, a monk, a fox demon, and a boomerang girl are on a quest for the shards. And the only reason inuyasha doesnt steal the jewel shards is because he has this necklace so that whenever kagome says SIT BOY he lands on his face.

Some quick inuyasha character information on just the main characters.

Age: Around 15 human year (excluding the 50 that he was bound to a tree)
Inuyasha has a quick temper and rude personality. He is also very arrogant, but seldomly, he shows a much softer side. A strong hatred of Naraku and Sesshoumaru exist within him, as well as a rivaling relationship with Kouga. Naturally, he has love interests with Kagome, but the lingering feelings for Kikyou can get in the way at times. inuyasha is only a half demon. inuyasha carries a sword called the Tetsuiga.

Age: 15
The reincarnation of the priestess Kikyou, Kagome travels through time via the Bone eater�s well. She pretty much has the same enemies as everyone else (excluding Kouga despite him kidnapping her). She also has an interest in inuyasha. In reverse pitch, inuyasha, Kouga, and Houjo (from the future times) have their liking of her. Because of being reincarnated from Kikyou, she has become an expect archer and has similar abilities to that of Kikyou.

Age: 7 human years
A young fox demon, Shippou uses kitsune abilities when has to fight. He is often afraid to fight however. When first introduces to the series, Shippou hated the Lightning Beast Brothers. After them, the rest of the enemies in the story. He looks up to Kagome more than anything. As a side note, Shippou is a BOY!! He is often mistaken for a little girl.

Age: 18
Miroku is a monk with the ability to suck things into an abyss in his hand. It is called Wind Tunnel, Air Rip, or Kazaana. This technique is actually a curse that Naraku has placed on his family and only will be removed upon Naraku's death. Aside from that, Miroku has the title Furyou Houshi, which means delinquent monk. He falls in love with any beautiful woman that he comes across and will always ask them to bare his child... Sango is the only exception to this as he truly cares for her - vise versa. His perverted actions normally ruin any sentimental moment that comes around.

Age 16
Sango is a girl from the Demon exterminator Village, which was destroyed by Naraku. For that reason, she has a hatred for Naraku as he also killed her brother and father. Because of these issues, she doesn't get to close to Miroku, as it would have been. She carries a large boomerang for a weapon and goes along with the travels with her pet Kirara.

Age: 19 Human years
The older brother to inuyasha, Sesshoumaru is a full demon. He holds a severe hatred for inuyasha because he has the Tetsuiga, while Sesshoumaru has the Tensuiga. Another hatred is towards Naraku (Like everyone else). Because of how he looks, clothing similiar to girls, some viewers tend to make fun of him.

Age: Unknown
Naraku, also known as Onigumo, is a half demon. He is the enemy of everyone in the series and is the prime enemy in the series. Being created from hundreds to thousands of demons, he is no longer of a gender, but before all that, he had a fancy for Kikyou. Much else about him is unknown or just too confusing to put into words.

Age: 18(not including 50 years of being dead)
Because of her death and rebirth, she is a character that isn't too certain whether she is good or bad. She is just messed up in that sense. Because she feeds off of the dead souls to survive, she is easily defeated without them around. However with them, she is very powerful. Before her death and rebirth, she also loved inuyasha.

Age: 15 human years.
Fast and strong, partly from the use of the shikon jewel shards, Kouga is a wolf demon. He carries a sword, but never seems to use it at all. Also, he isn't the brightest bulb in the place, as he forgets often. Despite that, he rivals against inuyasha for Kagome (who has no interest in him).

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Unknown03-22-2008 05:02 [E-Mail,Site]
Kagome Is only a girl that she starts to fall in love with inuyasha,Kagome even help kikyo ones, she has a heart! Kikyo tryed to kill Kagome ones, so stop with the kikyo rocks and kagome sucks, it is the other way arown! shut up!
Aly02-29-2008 03:32 [E-Mail,Site]
When are you going to make more inuyasha episodes! 'cause i think its really intresting, and i would like to see more episodes
vash the stampede12-26-2007 23:02 [E-Mail,Site]
inuyasha rocks 4 life
GADD11-01-2007 19:13 [E-Mail,Site]
totally awesome girl i am so with you but move on to someone else YA BITCH HES MINEEEEEEEE!!!!! ILL PLAY WITH HIS EARS AND SAY SIIIIIIIIT!!!!!
maaaaaak11-01-2007 19:08 [E-Mail,Site]
acctualy i've seen the third inuyasha movie. DANG IT ROCK!!!
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