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(Red Hawk)

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Storom Shadow

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This Movie is in windows media format, so you will need to have "Windows Media Player", and a fast connection is suggest to stream this movie. The movie is 85 mins long so enjoy. This has been a special review with media add on.
Also note*:
That this movie is split up into 15 streaming chapters, and each chapter is about 5-6 mins. So don't think, that the movie is 5 mins long or something, when you stream it, there's 15 chapters that will stream, to put less stress on slower connections and there right after another so you won't even notice really. Oh yeah the review for it is below, and don't be afraid to leave some comments.


This movie is suppose to take place in ancient Japan. This action/adventure movie isn't bad. The fight scenes are some what fast pace and the story line isn't half bad. It is mainly about some guy who protects the innocent town's people like a hawk. He and his brother used to be in some "gang" but soon left because he could not stand the fact that innocent people where being killed because of him. I personally think this movie should be rented. The best thing about the movie would have to be the music.

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Unknown06-29-2007 19:49 [E-Mail,Site]
why is it it says that it can't play the movie cuz there's an error??
Unknown02-25-2007 12:22 [E-Mail,Site]
where is part two
Unknown02-25-2007 12:22 [E-Mail,Site]
I love good action animation and red hawk is the bomb. It ended very well, however, there were higher bosses that were still alive. Why not continue on and make more or make a series of this. Please do so. Im looking forward of seeing more of this. Thank you.
kawaiiSD08-25-2004 07:20 [E-Mail,Site]
well, I like the Red Hawk..lot of action and the music was great. ^^
Krusher08-14-2003 12:32 [E-Mail,Site]
Well I am amzed at the Movie. When I get the Money to I will go to the cornerstore and Make a NEW purchase for it :). On DVD might I add :). I am currently Trying to get a NEW computer first. But with Spare Cash no Big deal. This movie is kick ass.
 Comments Page:  1 2
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