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s.Cry.ed Summary:

In the near future, an unexplained phenomenon has occured on a distant island called "The Lost Grounds", giving birth to a new species of human. These evolved humans, called "Alter Users", which can manipulate matter and reform(or alter) it into unique forms. On this remote island, those born inside a walled city are citizens, while everyone born outside live lawless lives in the badlands. In an attempt to keep the peace the police force HOLD along with the elite alter-user squad HOLY capture dangerous native alter users and offer them a choice... join HOLY or be imprisoned. After young native alter user Kazuma's run-in with HOLY, questions arise. Is HOLY really interested in the good of all, or is there some other motive behind their actions?

This is one of those animes where the story never gets boring and neither does it get repetitive(repeating). The story is handled in such a way that it has everything, your main character, the sidekick, the villians(which are hard to see as evil) and the cool narrator who is not the hero himself like most animes. This anime is full of lush graphics and cool power moves, till the ending everything comes as a shock about the characters. Definitely worth the time, really great anime that doesn't disappoint.

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fuegox07-09-2007 03:22 [E-Mail,Site]
amo S.Cry.Ed es lo mejor q me ha pasado en mi vida l�stima q ya t�rmino i love Kanami Yuta :-)
GP05-20-2007 04:54 [E-Mail,Site]
This is my personal favorite, and I dont think people give it enough credit. This shows character developement is about almost if not tied with Evangelion. My example is episode Kimishima... the ending though sad is a perfect example and there are other very impressive char. development tools and techniques that many shows simply don't have.
Olijuwan07-24-2006 16:46 [E-Mail,Site]
at first I said here gose another anime but man this show rocks i never missed an episode
huff09-01-2005 20:56 [E-Mail,Site]
dude this anime gets better and better. the drawings are awsome, to tell you the truth Inuyasha and this are neck in neck in the best anime ever. O 0
|____| ya ya dont lagh at my drawing
Kirei07-05-2005 21:35 [E-Mail,Site]
Scryed is an awsome series it really is. I remember I got hooked on it right away. This is a great anime that has an interesting story plot and the characters are all great. Sure the one same kind of punch from Kazuma does get a lil tiring after a bit but I must admit they do comtinue to make it look kewl and give it a good effect. Great personalities the characters have and the English voices for them are great as well. Ah just love the series haha I'm sure you can tell. But yeah, great, and the theme songs are awsome as well.
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