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(Full Metal Alchemist)

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Full Metal Alchemist Summary:

12 year old Edward Elric and 10 year old alphonso Elric tried to revive their mother with alchemy, but something goed wrong. Reviving the dead goes against the princible of alchemy. After they tried to revive their mother Alphonso gets takin away en Edward sacrifices his leg for Alphonso en his arm for his mother. But what they revived wasn't their mother but something else. Alphonso gets stuck in a armor suit and Edward's arm and leg gets replaced by auto-mail. They decide too get back what was taking.

Full Metal Alchemist is one of the best anime i've ever seen.When i first saw the name i thought it would be the same like Full Metal Panic, but it was even better. It has action,good story and its funny at the same time. I recommend it to everyone.

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Annie10-03-2007 11:18 [E-Mail,Site]
I Love FMA!!!!!!!! Edward is so cute!!!
christine 07-30-2007 23:12 [E-Mail,Site]
hey sarah i have a wrist band and a t-shirt if anybody wants to know were i got them just leave a e-mail but fma is the best show i love it i have watched the episodeds like 3 times

ps.if you want to know were i saw them just e-mail me for that to
alannah01-26-2007 03:56 [E-Mail,Site]
fullmetal alchemist is da best show in da world!! it rules and no show will ever come clost to it!! and to all you poor sorry people who have to wait all week to see a epersode all i can say is "haha i have both box sets and the movie and you dont!!" and im going to spoil the ending for all you who havent seen it!! ed dies al gets his old 10 yr old body back but cant remember nothing of the past 3 yrs and ed goes to the paraelle world!!
carolina ^^01-25-2007 13:09 [E-Mail,Site]
oh ed es lo maximo cualqiera !!!!
candy11-17-2006 20:52 [E-Mail,Site]
well I'm peruvian and I think fma is super cool I love ed is super cute
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