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(Cowboy Bebop)

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2.Greg Schwartz

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Cowboy Bebop Summary:


Cowboy Bebop...the year is 2071 .Crime is at its peak, and the syndicates are at war. The police, unable to handle the syndicates, have made use of a new ounty system, where "Cowboys" bring in criminals for money. Among these Bounty Hunters is Spike Spiegel, a former syndicate member who is as good as a ounty hunter gets, yet never seems to be able turn someone in...As his adventures continue abord "The Bebop" Spike is confronted by his past and must conquer it... Made in 1997-98, this series has definately made its mark in the anime world. It may seem a bit too short for some at 26 episodes (and possibly a little confusing)but it is a great series with excellent character development, and the dubbing is among the best that i've heard. Also, the music might sound a little strange at first, but it fits in perfectl with the whole theme of cowboy Bebop. Yoko Kanno really did a great job on the music, which is mostly a jazz type thing. With loads of humor and excellent fight scenes, Cowboy Bebop has something for everyone, no matter what the age or their likings. If you haven't seen this series, then I highly recommend it. It runs virtually unedited on Adult Swim on Saturday Nights.


This anime has a great plot and it is worth seeing. the whole show is action unlike some of those anime shows where there are so many dull episodes. i give it an 8 because of the plot and the incredible characters. there is essesive nudity at times, its pretty sick. Faye does stripp alot. there is a lot of blood but not to much to make it unbrearable. the ship fights, or "dog fights", are incredible. the language is real bad some times though. over all it is a ouality show and should be watched.


This show is the best anime show I've ever seen. Everything is symbolic or relates to something else. The title for instance. Cowboy Bebop! Bebop happened to be a revolutionary form of music spawned from jazz. It was when the jazz artists began to make up the music off the top of their heads and create a song. They were on the horizon of finding a totally new aspect of something. As were the cowboys in America. They would take the cattle up North, and run into all sorts of mischief along the way when all they really wanted was the money. Almost the same as the characters in the show. They ride around in their spacecraft "The Bebop" using all sorts of different methods to capture criminals, but there's such a huge galaxy out there that they just can't help but to find different setbacks along the way. (Which is why even though they're some of the most elite in their profession the bounty always seems to slip from their grasp.) This show is no doubt the most creative, and entertaining show I've ever seen. It travels from different time zones with jazz, cowboys, martial arts, and all sorts of high-tech gadgets and weapons that they use in their every day life. It's probably the most realistic version of the future ever created in manga.

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kanchigodoffire10-21-2005 13:13 [E-Mail,Site]
great show i've seen like every epsiode
and i luv ed, she is so cute
great animations
but sad when they disband
JEC09-24-2005 22:23 [E-Mail,Site]
Sci-fi mixed with action an' jazziness.Hmmmmmmmm...well I like the combination! This is the best anime that has a cool jazzy twist. The music by far is pretty good.Well..... It's a damn good anime. Sayanara minasan (goodbye everyone!)!!
wakek07-10-2005 00:40 [E-Mail,Site]
J.E.C.02-06-2005 02:43 [E-Mail,Site]
This show is still my fav. that I like to watch.You'll love the characters and it's an easy story to follow to me!!!!Plus it takes place in the future so it makes it addictive to watch.I recomend this show for anyone. It has humor,a little suspense,action(a lot of it!), adn like I said, A great story.
animefan34212-17-2004 21:55 [E-Mail,Site]
Cowboy Bebop is one of the best anime's around. It has a good mix between action, martial arts, and engaging story lines. While the dubbing for this series is very well done I much prefere the Japanese voices. The voices for Ed and vicious are vastly superior in the subbed version.
 Comments Page:  1 2 3 4
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