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(Big O)

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Big O Summary:

Forty years ago, every human being in Paradine City lost their memory. Life, as they knew it, stopped. Desperately, the people search for memories of the past, failing each time. Only in the minds of children, those born from the ones who lost their past, do memories live on. Knowledge is dormant in each childs mind, passed on from their parents. These are not full memories, but implications of the past. Some people can do things without any training or learning. Like piloting a Mega Dues, a giant robot with extremely destructive capabilities ...

This is a very good anime. Alot of people dislike it, as the animation is not like most other anime. I myself think it is very unique, and fits the mood of the show perfectly. The music is also pretty upbeat for the most part, alot of people will like it. It's not an extremely long series, about 26 episodes, 13 a season. The characters are all very cool. most especially R. Dorothy and Roger Smith, the two main characters. The mecha fights, though a bit short at times, are really well done, especially in the second season. I'm sure many people will enjoy this anime.

Roger Smith, Negotiater. His job is to make sure all major negotiations in Paradine are carried out without a hitch. This goes from kidnappings to business trades. But, Roger has another job too .... On a routine kidnapping, Roger rescues a young girl, named Dorothy. But, theres something different. After some investigating, he finds out she is an android. The kidnappers are using her to power aMega Dues ... Well, that's fine with Roger, he can do that too. Summoning Big O, Roger's own Mega Dues, our hero neutralizes the problem, and rescues Dorothy. But, there is much more to the android then what meets the eye. Can Roger uncover his past and the worlds before it's too late? Find out, and watch the anime.

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maito-lee03-02-2008 19:33 [E-Mail,Site]
It really depends on taste, this anime is like marmalate (is that how u spell it?) some like it some don't.
kanchigodoffire10-21-2005 13:10 [E-Mail,Site]
ok, so i found this show confusing at first, but i soon became addicted to it
i luv this show, it is wonderful
BIG 0 is my drug
musashi07-16-2005 02:31 [E-Mail,Site]
this was an excellent anime this anime didnt make the caracters too serious which i like makes it more understand able sad it was gone from adult swim
J.E.C.02-06-2005 02:09 [E-Mail,Site]
I mean the characters are okay,but the don't know what is going on.The voice acting was great don't undrerstand whats going on.The only character I really liked was Dorothy.If you want to see this show for yourself,that;s fine by me!I mean, if you really really REALLY like Sci-fi showa with robots that kiss ass that's FINE BY ME!!!!!
Anna02-04-2005 03:37 [E-Mail,Site]
Abstract stuff about people being tomatoes is actually not that abstract. Gordon Rosewater took in some orphans (at least they appeared to be) and implanted someone else's memories into their brains. The little kids grew up with those memories as if they were their own and always thought that they in fact were the person whose memories they had uploaded inot their brains. Roger Smith isn't the REAL Roger Smith. Only a sexy man (sorry, couldn't help it) who thinks he is Roger Smith because his brain had Roger Smith's memories installed into it. The REAL Roger Smith was a robot. His harddrive was donated to a cute black haired boy who grew into the city's most popular Negotiator.
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