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(Initial D)

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Initial D Summary:

Initial D is about a young street racer named Takumi (drives a Toyota AE86 Trueno) who does not see an interest in cars but is one of the best driver's out there. He defeated one of the top driver's in Japan, Takashi Keisuke (drives a mazda RX-7 FD3S) and now Takumi is one legend in his hometown Akina. Every race Takumi get more interested in cars and how they work. After blowing his engine by racing too much, Takumi's dad arranges a new engine to be installed so Takumi can race once again.

Not much music in the series but is enjoyable and matches the show nicely. The street racing is done with Computer Graphics, which gives it a great effect.

This is definatly for car fans who also like anime.

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Deticui03-11-2004 19:00 [E-Mail,Site]
great anime. i dont even like cars and it hooked me. the only problem i see with it is that it leaves you hanging on the first DVD right before Tak's race. The Manga is supposedly outstanding, but i havent had a chance to read it yet. great style, but some of the 3D animation looks pretty sketchy. Note that in the first disk the characters are watching a video about the 'drift king' of Japan. my friend has the video.. the guy is AWESOME.
Frankshin Zaon02-09-2004 13:55 [E-Mail,Site]
This is by far the greatest Anime I ever seen!!!>_< Initial D is great for anyone who loves cars. O.o` I've only seen 6 episodes, but I'll see the rest as soon as they come out. I've bought the 1st 3 already for DVD and most of the books. And I don't even like to read. It's that great!!!
Panda-dude12-03-2003 23:50 [E-Mail,Site]
I definitely recommend this series. It's too good to put in words (for car lovers o_o ) great music and storyline. Luv and cars, what else men need? :D
Ivan11-21-2003 12:23 [E-Mail,Site]
dude i love initial d it rocks need to see more of it k
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