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.Hack//Sign Summary:

.hack//sign is a pretty good anime involving a game called "The World", where a character named Tsukasa hasn't been able to logout of. He meets up wit a girl warrior named Mimiru who talks wit him and she gets him to open up to her a bit. Soon he meets with other players who seek the "The Key of the Twilight", which they think is related somehow to Tsukasa. Tsukasa unlike other players is able to smell and feel pain. Hack Sign is basicly about Tsukasa problem of not being unable to logout, and trying to find "The Key of the Twilight".

.hack//sign is a pretty cool anime. I would recommend it to people who like to watch anime about fantasy. The art is good, and the series is short which is sometimes good because you can have a chance to watch the whole anime series instead of waiting for 20 more episode to end(example:Dbz). I give it an 8/10.

.hack//sign sounds great in Japanese, but could use some work in English. The dubbing isn't great, which screws up the show sort of. I would give the japanese version a 10/10, and the English version a 8/10.

.hack//sign is a pretty neat story. It has many interesting characters with different desires, and different personality, but almost all are there to help Tsukasa. Tsukasa is very different from the rest of the characters, but I dont want to spoil . I give the story a 8/10.

Hack Sign Characters Bios:

Tsukasa is kind of a loner and doesn't like attention - just wishes everyone would leave him alone. In the real world, no one knows for sure who Tsukasa really is.

In "The World", Mimiru is a swordsman. In the real world, she's a teen, and her real life personality transfers to her character in "The World". She likes meeting new people, but has a tendency to get mad quickly if she feels they are rude to her. She tends to spend most of her time in the game around Bear.

In "The World", Bear is a warrior and the more fatherly figure of the game. He seeks to protect, and to unravel the mystery of Tsukasa. In the real world, Bear is a middle aged man. He has taken the initiative to investigate the circumstances in the real world to find the real Tsukasa in hopes of helping him.

In The World, Subaru appears to be a guardian/semi-goddess, who commands a lot of respect from the other players. When she asks something, it usually gets done. She is the leader of the Scarlet Knights, but sometimes disagrees with their philosophy. She believes that they are there to fulfill a role, but that they have certain boundaries that they cannot cross without interfering on players� rights. Subaru is very serious, very concerned with responsibility, and becomes deeply concerned about Tsukasa and his condition. He becomes a close friend of hers because she perceives them as being so similar. In the real world, we don't know much about her, although it appears she is an older teen and possibly a loner.

In "The World", Kurim is a very powerful spearsman. It appears that he used to have Ginkan�s position as Subaru�s protector, but had to stop playing the game for a while and so gave that position up. To Kurim, this is just a game and he is constantly reminding people that they should be playing to have fun. There's enough responsibility in the real world. Here, you should do what you enjoy. For the most part, though, he keeps his online and offline personalities separate, only ready to reveal his offline nature to Subaru. In the real world, Kurim is a business man.

In The World, BT doesn't take responsibility as seriously as many of the characters, and because of that, tends to switch loyalties whenever it suits her. She and Mimiru don't get along, but she seems to respect Bear and Kurim, although she appears to be jealous of Kurim�s relationship with Subaru. Because of her nature, she is the person Sora harasses the most. In the real world, BT appears to be a girl in her upper 20s who plays the game to escape reality.

In The World, Sora is an anarchist who loves intimidating people with his maxed stats. If he meets someone who won't act according to his wishes, he'll kill them on the spot. He acts solely for himself, at the expense of anyone else involved.

Sto is Tsukasa's guardian. He protects him from enemies throughout the show when he is told to. The bad thing about Sto is that he won't stop until the character is dead, and in the real world the person playing as the character is knocked unconcious and loses a small amount of memory, but nobody knows how and why that happens.

He was a servant of the voice in the server where Tsukasa found Aura. Later on though the Cat betrays the voice and helps out Tsukasa instead.

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Maki Rolls08-31-2006 14:57 [E-Mail,Site]
You have to watch more than 2 episodes and keep watching it to stay on top of the series. Keeping up with this series takes true dedication. ^.^
Unknown06-30-2006 05:01 [E-Mail,Site]
i loved this series
JEC09-24-2005 22:10 [E-Mail,Site]
You don't understand what the hell is going on but, you love it anyway! It's so intresting and yet so confusing.The characters however are pretty cool. It's a good show but try and understand it or well.....your' a goner. Sayanara minasan!!(goodbye everyone!)
Tsukasa fan109-17-2005 13:20 [E-Mail,Site]
Are we allowed to use the pics on this site?
Jinohi07-13-2005 16:53 [E-Mail,Site]
i agree it is a good series and i have it all on dvd and episode 27 and 28 are extras that never aired on tv
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