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(Fooly Cooly)

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Fooly Cooly Summary:

Ok, brief Silence and then a rock n' roll entrance... these are signs that bizzare anime, named "Fooly Cooly" for reasons unknown, is about to be viewed. (Either by video or TV)

Now, I being an anime addict, had to check this out. From the moment I first saw It I was hooked. Ok, so what's the plot you may ask? Well, it's about a 12-year-old boy named, Naota. Yeah? So? Ok one day... he gets hit by a Vespa Scooter. Now, the woman that hit him claims to be an alien(still with me?), an Alien police officer who also claims to be a rock star. Now, after being hit, Naoto starts getting strange bumps on his head. Now be prepared for something really odd. 3,2,1! Those bumps get so large, that robots start popping out!(HUH!?)There is also an alternate plot going on at the same time, Naoto's older brother's girlfriend was starting to take a liking to our main character, and it goes on from there.

Ok, strange... strange... strange...

Now you are probably asking, "Why should I watch this trash?", the answer my friend is about to be spoken.

The animation is wonderful, the characters are well drawn. What else? Good music, great after a long hard day at work or school. Yeah, what else? It's just addicting... Rent it, watch it, buy it, Love it.

That concludes my review of this, somewhat strange, heck VERY STRANGE ANIME! Thank you!

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bryan ventura02-16-2008 00:01 [E-Mail,Site]
i liked flcl, but i expected more of the ending.
the unknown truth07-31-2007 03:45 [E-Mail,Site]
The reason why there is only 6 episodes, is because thats all it needed to explain the story.I think that there shouldn't be an actual "true" meaning to this anime series,but that people should just make there own meaning to it, and try to figure it out the best they can.
1# foolycoolyfan07-26-2007 19:01 [E-Mail,Site]
i fraking love this show i saw all eight episodes i wish it was all real thatd be awesome seriosly but the end of episode six didnt make sence why didnt harata bring the kid thats the only drop back
naota06-26-2007 15:49 [E-Mail,Site]
SHUT UP ABOUT it already, jesus i hoped it would've have blown over by now......
BigBossRio03-16-2007 23:22 [E-Mail,Site]
Any body that doesn't put FLCL above all anime should never be called a FLCL FAN -_- and every body that does you are true fans of FLCL and you Deserve Gratatude ^_^*_*>_<-_-@_@^o^
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