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(Final Fantasy Unlimited)

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Jon Wright

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Final Fantasy Unlimited Summary:

You have played the game Final Fantasy, right? If the answer is yes, you are among the thousands who have. Final Fantasy is a game loved by millions of fans around the world. Now that you have played the games, you might want to see the game outside of the playable universe. There have been two attempts at bringing Final Fantasy out of the gaming environment and these two have been some pretty lame shots. Final Fantasy: The Legend of the Crystals was a sick excuse for retelling the story of Final Fantasy V with the decedents of the game. And Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was centered way too much on making the 3-D realm look like the real world. But when is this going to turn around? When will Final Fantasy finally be anew? Well, Squaresoft has done it again, and they created a new anime series called Final Fantasy Unlimited that was released October of 2001. Since then, the 25 episode series has undergone fan subbing by Soldats.

The series begins when the pillar of darkness blasts from the sky and two giant demon/dragon-like creatures come from it and end up shooting each other to oblivion. A couple is standing there, watching it happen and records the whole
thing. Now, lets go ahead to the future. Now Hayakawa Joe & Marie have gone to
the inner world and they haven’t returned. Their son and daughter, Yu and Ai have gone to the inner world on a demon subway and meet up with a few unique characters. Kaze is a mysterious traveler that has a demon gun strapped to his
arm that can basically take down any creature. And Lisa is also a mysterious
babe that just shows up on the subway and has taken Yu and Ai underneath her
wing as they search for their parents.

The siblings and Lisa travel all around this inner world and come across some pretty weird places like an entire town made out of fruits and inhabited by
funky looking men in cloaks that strangely resemble Jawas. The series often gets
very repetitive with the same scenes being played over and over again.
It has the repetitive factor that most anime has. And the story mostly revolves around Kaze coming and saving Yu and Ai’s butts by blowing this creature up who looks like melted chocolate and always is blowing his pipe like a whistle. If you think this is weird, you are surely right! But, man, this series kicks some serious ass once you get past all of those repetitive antics. There is a blend of 2-D and 3-D in the movie, but not enough to make that annoying. I actually thought the blend was just enough to fit the series. Also, gamers will like the ties to the game. After a battle is one, the music for the finished battle comes over just like it does in the games. The ending theme song will leave you tapping your toes and humming too.

The story is compelling and I found myself whining because I couldn’t wait until
I watched the next episode. The series is great and great for all ages. It has
the adventure for young kids and it has the action for older people. This is a
must get for all Final Fantasy fans and for all anime fans!

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Ethan12-08-2006 04:53 [E-Mail,Site]
it's a good story, my favourite characters are kiri and kumo ^_^
Italia09-08-2005 17:10 [E-Mail,Site]
ffu is cool. hope they continue with story.
kurandoh08-28-2005 00:05 [E-Mail,Site]
hey i love ffu, best anime ever developed, anyone who wants to keep in touch with a huge ff fan my email is [email protected]
love you all, keep up the gaming (cant wait for the 12th game!!!!)
kurandoh08-27-2005 23:55 [E-Mail,Site]
I find FFu to be a very entertaining anime series. It is the first anime i have actually followed, but i do believe it is a great series to follow. Also, i wouldnt mind seeing it made into some kind of game. Anyone here agree? Why not, the magun would be fun to use.
Tereasa08-17-2005 02:44 [E-Mail,Site]
I have to say I luv FFU and it has a good story. Don't mind the simple characters and Makenshin is so cool. Sigh wish that they had more budget to finish the rest of the series cause man it leaves so much still unanswered.
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