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Naruto Summary:

Naruto is a anime about a boy born in a ninja based society and given a special seal at birth, that has trapped a 9 tailed fox demon in his body. This demon caused so much destruction to his village, and trapping it in a new born child was the only way to stop it. Now lets skip to how Naruto grows up, he grows up a lonely boy, since all the adults hate him for the fact that the demon fox is in him. Neither Naruto, or the kids around him know about this seal though, and what's trapped inside Naruto.
All Naruto wants as he grows up is to fit in, but as hard as he tries no one seems to respect or befriend him. So he becomes a troublesome boy in a ninja based society, even defacing monuments of the village's hero's that trapped the fox demon. Naurto is'nt evil at all, he just wants to be acknowledged and respected, so he sets his thoughts on becoming a Hokage(Number One Ninja of a Clan), though he is still young and has limited abilities.
In ninja school Naruto finally gets his chance to advance and almost fails, but he makes it through though, and then sets forth in progress, gaining a sensei, and a team(Sasuke and Sakura) and becoming a better person and stronger. Naruto is a astounding series, with great music i have come to love, even though i'm into rap more. The art work is done well, i would'nt change it for the world. Character Developement is not rushed, so you won't see Naruto make any great, great, changes. Even when he makes a change he is still the same goofy guy you'll get used to.

Major Characters are below:

Age: 12
Sex: Male
Look: crazy Blonde hair, blue eyes, orange clothes.
As the main character it is wierd, since Naruto is'nt the strongest person most times in this series, he is comic relief alot and he does shine at times. He is the loud mouth ninja boy that wants to be the best. He lacks the smart's to be the best though, he rushes into things without thinking alot. Yet he gets the job done when it really counts, as alot of people say about him in this series he's a interesting kid. Also he loves ramen soup, and he does'nt notice if he drinks old rotten milk, lol.

Age: 12
Sex: Male
Look: Kool Black hair, white shorts.
This is one of the strongest people naruto travels with, he is from a destroyed clan, that was filled with strong warriors, he is handsome, and loved by all the girls even though he is all about the fighting and does'nt give a chick the time of day and no he is'nt gay, lol. He does'nt do much or have any hobbies but fighting, that's why he is one of the strongest.

Age: 12
Sex: Female
Look: Nice pink hair, she's hard to miss.
She is in love with Sasuke and it hurts and helps her, she is by far the smartest, person Naruto travels and trains with, also Naruto is in love with her. She likes Naruto as a friend and cares deep if he is in danger. She is a know it all that slowly realizes, she needs to do more training for strength instead of mental training.

Age: 26
Sex: Male
Look: Kool Grey hair, Ninja head band thingy over one eye.
Kakashi is the sensei(Ninja Teacher) that trains Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. He is extremely strong, though at first he may just seem like a laid back person. He teaches, Naruto and the team to control there powers and skills better. Also life lessons, and the way of a shinobi(Ninja).

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P.B04-08-2008 07:54 [E-Mail,Site]
Unknown02-13-2008 06:29 [E-Mail,Site]
hinata and naruto should have babies
bel11-18-2007 14:23 [E-Mail,Site]
yeah!!!!! i realy like that show,im a number one fan of naruto and saske i love him too..
rosabella11-18-2007 14:04 [E-Mail,Site]
nice anime that i ever saw,its realy cool naruto and sasuke im a number one fan of that show.
rosabella11-18-2007 14:04 [E-Mail,Site]
nice anime that i ever saw,its realy cool naruto and sasuke im a number one fan of that show.
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