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Dragon Booru Zeto:

Dead Zone

Movie 1, (7-15-89)

An evil little Namek-jin, Garlic Jr., is gathering all of the Dragon Balls together to wish for immortality. Since young Gohan has the #4 Ball sewn to his cap, Gohan is kidnapped by Garlic's minions. This causes Gokou to seek out Garlic (whose mansion is located on a black island to the south of Kame House). Garlic also wants to get rid of Kami-sama, so his minions attempt to kill Piccolo (if Piccolo dies, Kami-sama also dies, and vice versa.) So Kami-sama and Piccolo join in the battle, as does Kuririn. The minions are wasted, but Garlic, Jr. already made his wish, so he is unkillable. Garlic and Kami-sama fight it out, and Garlic wins (he wants to get rid of Kami-sama to make way for his own "reign of blood", but he doesn't kill Kami-sama right away.) Garlic, Jr. gets beaten up a bit by Gokou and Piccolo, so he decides to create a "Dead Zone" (a black hole) which threatens to suck everyone in and kill them. But Gohan (who had eaten a hallucinagenic apple, and is still feeling a bit of a buzz) gets angry, and blasts Garlic into the Dead Zone. The Dead Zone closes, sticking Garlic into a form of eternal hell.


Garlic, Jr. -- Evil little immortal Namek, lost and forgotten.

Ginger -- Garlic's green-skinned, red-eyed demon minion. Killed by Gokou.

Nikki -- Garlic's blue-skinned, apple-eating minion. Killed by Gokou.

Sansho -- Garlic's big, purple-skinned demon minion. Killed by Piccolo.

Kono yo de Ichiban Tsuyoi Yatsu:

The World's Strongest

Movie 2, (3-10-90)

Oolong steals Bulma's Dragon Radar, and discovers that someone is gathering up the Dragon Balls. He and Gohan go into the northern glaciers in time to see Dr. Kouchin summoning Shenlong and wishing for Dr. Wheelo's lab to be released from the ice. Piccolo arrives to save Gohan from Kouchin's bio-men, but the demon is overcome by Wheelo's 3 androids (Gohan and Oolong escape). Later, Kouchin goes to Kame House, and kidnaps Bulma in order to force Kamesennin to go with him to the lab. Kamesennin is told to fight the three androids, and does well for a while, before being defeated by rubbery Minkattsun. Bulma learns that Kouchin and Wheelo plan on turning the Earth into a desert and peopling it with androids. Dr. Wheelo's brain is encased inside a robot, and he wants the body of the world's strongest man to house his brain. But, while Kamesennin was the winner of the Tenkaichi Budoukai 50 years ago, (when Wheelo's lab was iced over) the strongest man is now Gokou. Gokou learns what happened to Kamesennin, and goes to the lab, where he destroys all three androids. Gohan and Kuririn also arrive, and end up battling the brain-controlled Piccolo until Gohan's shout of frustration causes the mind-control bands to shatter. Dr. Wheelo decides to fight Gokou, and as he pulls his robot body free of the wall, the resulting destruction hurls Kouchin down an energy shaft, and Kouchin's outer coating melts before his own robot body is destroyed. Wheelo fights the heroes, and looks like he'll win, when Gokou creates a Genki-Dama and throws it at Wheelo. Wheelo flies up into space to get a breather, and he is destroyed up there. Afterwards, Kamesennin says that Wheelo got one thing right -- Kamesennin is the world's #1 strong guy. Bulma corrects that to "the world's #1 dirty old man."


Dr. Kouchin -- The Christopher Lee of bio-tech scientists. A robot, he is accidentally destroyed by Dr. Wheelo.

Dr. Wheelo -- A large brain housed in a robot. Was a deranged scientist until his lab was entombed in ice. Killed by Gokou.

Kishiime -- Electrical android iguanaman. Destroyed by Gokou.

Ebifuraiya -- "Fried shrimp." Hulking android with weather-control abilities. Destroyed by Gokou.

Minkattsun -- Blobby, yellow rubberman android. Punctured by Gokou.

Bio-man -- Mindless blue attack robot; like Vegeta's old cybermen.

Chikuu Marugoto Chou-kessen:

Earth's Ultimate Deciding Battle,

The Tree of Might

Movie 3, (7-7-90)

Oolong, Kuririn, Bulma, and young Gohan are on a camping trip, when a spy satellite crashes into the forest and starts a raging fire. Kuririn and Gohan battle to put out the blaze, then gather the Dragon Balls to wish for the forest to be restored. One of the animals they save is a Haiyaa Dragon (Higher Dragon) that follows Gohan home to become his pet. The two of them (and Gokou) play together and have a lot of fun, but Chi-Chi wants the dragon sent back to its mountain so it'll stop disrupting Gohan's studies. Meanwhile, a Saiya-Jin fighter, Tales, and his minions are scouting Earth to locate Kakarotto. Tales wants Kakarotto and/or Gohan to join him to go trash planets. The minions plant a seed for an energy-eating tree near the restored forest -- Tales plans on eating the fruit of the tree to get a "power up." The tree grows quickly and threatens to destroy Earth. Kaio-sama alerts Gokou to the danger, and everyone (Chi-Chi prevents Gohan from joining in, but Haiyaa Dragon kidnaps the boy to take him to the battle) goes to fight Tales. Piccolo joins in to save Gohan, but the demon still plans on killing Gokou later on. Gokou denies his Saiya-Jin heritage, claiming that he's happy to have been hit on the head as a child, rather than growing up to be like Tales. There's a major battle, and Gokou uses a Genki-Dama to kill Tales and destroy the tree. Afterwards, the Genki-Dama breaks up, and the lifeforce energy repairs the damage from the tree.


Shinseiju -- An energy eating tree.

Tales -- A Saiya-Jin Warlord that looks like Gokou. Killed by Gokou.

Amond -- Tales's big Indian minion. Killed by Gokou.

Daiizu -- Tales's muscular punk minion. Killed by Gokou.

Kakao -- Tales's ugly, silent lava-man minion. Killed by Gokou.

Rezun & Rakasei -- Tales's arrogant twin runt minions. Killed by Gokou.

Haiyaa Dragon (Ickarus)-- Gohan's cute little pet. Fiercely loyal; like Piccolo is.

Tatta Hitori no Saishuu Kessen:

Lonely Final Battle

TV Special, (10-17-90)

Story of Bardock, Gokou's father. When Gokou was still a baby, on the Saiya planet, Freeza was using the Saiya-Jin as mercenaries to wipe out all intelligent life on other planets. Bardock gets cursed with seeing the future, and confronts Freeza as Freeza is about to destroy the Saiya planet. The planet is wiped out, and the only surviving Saiya-Jin are young Prince Vegeta, Nappa, and Kakarotto (baby Gokou.) Gokou was sent Earth to destroy it, but is found and raised by Son Gohan.


Bardock -- Gokou's father. Killed by Freeza.

Tooma -- Bardock's big, lean henchman. Killed by Dodoria.

Toteppo -- Bardock's grey-skinned, chrome-dome henchman. Killed by Dodoria's peons.

Pan Buukin -- Bardock's fat henchman. Killed by Dodoria's peons.

Seripa -- Bardock's female henchman. Killed by Dodoria's peons.

Tooro -- The fishman that gave Bardock the ability to see the future. Killed by Bardock.

Super Saiya-Jin da Son Gokou:

This is the Super Saiya-Jin, Son Gokou.

Movie 4, (3-19-91)

Young Gohan and the Haiyaa Dragon visit Piccolo to show the demon the new dance that Gohan taught the dragon. But, Piccolo, in pain, yells for Gohan to stop. A planetoid headed towards Earth causes a panic, and Kuririn and Gokou go out to try to deflect the thing with their energy blasts. It still crashes into Earth, but it turns out to be a spaceship that needs to land for refueling. The ship is commanded by the imperious Emperor of the Universe -- Slag, who demands that they leave in 3 days. A weather satellite is launched to cause a cloud to cover the planet, and freeze it over. Earth is now more hospitable for the soldiers living in the ship, and they step outside to terrorize the Earthlings. Slag recognizes the Dragon Ball that is sewn into Gohan's cap, and reads Bulma's mind to learn about the Dragon Radar. The Dragon Balls are rounded up, and Slag wishes for his youth back. Gokou and Kuririn receive Senzu seeds from Yajirobee, and they go to fight Slag. Piccolo shows up to save Gohan. Slag reveals himself to be a Super Namek-jin. Gokou wastes Slag's minions, and even turns into a Super Saiya-Jin for a while, but is trashed by Slag when the Super Namek-jin turns into a giant. Piccolo tears off his own ears, then yells for Gohan to whistle again; we now learn that Namek-jin hurt really bad when Earthlings whistle. Slag drops to his knees, and Piccolo imparts his energy to Gokou. The Gokou/Piccolo fusion beats up Slag, then Gokou flies above the black cloud to get enough energy to create a Genki-Dama that kills Slag. (Slag accidentally trashed his own spaceship, so there's no bad guys left now.) The cloud dissipates, and Yajirobee reappears to give Senzu seeds to the heroes. Piccolo's ears grow back. Finally, Kamesennin, who'd been sleeping through all this, wakes up from his dreams of naked women, and exercises while saying that the weather is very nice today.


Slag -- A big, square-headed evil tyrrant Super Namek. Killed by Gokou.

Kakuuja -- A Jawa that runs Slag's ship. Accidentally killed by Slag.

Zeeun -- A Bull of a man who oversteps his authority and is killed by Slag.

Gyooshu -- A Jawa killed by Slag for saying that it would take 10 days to refuel the ship.

Angira -- The blond god that can burrow underground to trap people's feet. Killed by Gokou.

Dorodabo -- The fat yellow winged demon. Killed by Piccolo.

Medametcha -- A big horned frog that can create energy-sucking copies of itself. Killed by Gokou.

Slag's Soldiers -- Most were killed by Slag for running away from Gokou and Kuririn.

Tobikkiri no Saikyou tai Saikyou:

Fantastic Ultimate Strength vs Ultimate Strength

Movie 5, (7-20-91)

Back when Freeza destroyed Planet Vegeta, and killed Bardock, Freeza's older brother, Coola had been watching from his own spaceship. Coola had seen Kakarotto's space capsule zipping off, but didn't interfere with it. 20 years later, Coola receives a report stating that Freeza has been killed. Gokou, Gohan, and Kuririn go on a camping trip, and are attacked by Coola's henchmen. Coola wants to fight Gokou, and discover the true strength of the legendary "Super Saiya-Jin." At the end, Coola has been blown into the sun by a massive energy ball, and apparently dies.


Haiyaa Dragon -- Gohan's cute pet dragon. Reappears for this movie.

Coola -- Freeza's older brother. Very arrogant and selfish. Not dead yet.

Sauzaa -- Coola's blond, blue-faced pretty boy minion. Killed by Piccolo.

Neizu -- Coola's lizard minion. Killed by Piccolo.

Doore -- Coola's green-skinned ugly minion. Killed by Piccolo.

Gekitotsu!! 100 Oku Pawaa no Senshi-Tachi:

Crash!! The 10 Billion-Power Fighters

Movie 6, (3-7-92)

A giant metal planet lands on the new Namek planet, and begins eating it. The Namek elders call to Dende for help, and Dende relays the call. This is why Gokou, Gohan, Kuririn, Kamesennin, Oolong, Yajirobee and Piccolo get into a spaceship and fly off. (Vegeta is in his own space capsule, and he arrives to ensure that Gokou lives long enough for Vegeta to kill him himself.) Turns out that Coola has pulled a V'ger trick, and has become part of the ship that is eating the Namek planet. Coola's robot are sent out to round up all of the Namek-jin. Gokou's ship arrives in time for the Z Fighters to also be picked up to be used to power the ship. Gokou and Vegeta fight Coola, and get trashed. They are wired into the ship to provide power for Big Geta Star. Gokou and Vegeta push the limits of their Super Saiya-Jin power, and cause Big Geta Star to overheat. Finally, Gokou blows the real Coola away, and Big Geta Star explodes. (First time that Vegeta shows up in the movies.)


Coola -- Old Coola merged with some space junk to become the core of a giant spaceship. Destroyed by Gokou.

Big Geta Star -- The name of the planet-eating spaceship.

Metal Coola -- Coola-shaped robots, with self-repairing bodies. All were destroyed when Big Geta Star exploded.

Muuri -- One of the Namek-jin elders. Lost and forgotten.

Kyokugen Batoru!! Sandai Suupaa Saiya-Jin:

Battle Limit!! The Three Super Saiya-Jin

Movie 7, (7-11-92)

Right after Dr. Gero gets destroyed by his androids, #17 and #18, Gero's computer triggers his earlier creations -- #13, #14, and #15. The androids have orders to seek out and kill Gokou (while Gokou and company are on a shopping trip). The resulting combat involves Gokou, Kuririn, Piccolo, young Gohan, Vegeta, and future Trunks. After #14 and #15 are destroyed, #13 uses parts of them to undergo a power up. The only way #13 can be destroyed is for Gokou to create a large Genki-Dama, and then use the energy from it as he switches to Super Saiya-Jin. Afterwards, Gero's lab computer shuts down.


#13 -- Lean, #4B4B4B-haired android. Destroyed by Gokou.

#14 -- Big, blue skinned barbarian android. Destroyed by Trunks.

#15 -- Little, funky black android. Destroyed by Vegeta.

Zebbo he no Hankou!! Nokosareta Chou-Senshi: Gohan to Torunkusu!!:

Resist Dispair!! The Ultimate Surviving Fighters: Gohan and Trunks

TV Special, (2-24-93)

A TV version of "Trunk's Story", from volume 33. #17 and #18 are tearing up the future Earth, and finally the Z fighters that we know and love are all dead. Only a one-armed Gohan, and a teenaged Trunks are left (Gyuu Maou and Chi-Chi are still living out in the countryside, but with Gokou's death, Chi-Chi has been slowly wasting away.) Gohan trains Trunks to become a fighter, but the boy can't get angry enough to go to Super Saiya-Jin level. Gohan faces the androids on his own and is killed. This pushes Trunks over the edge, but even in SSJ mode, when Trunks fights the androids, he gets trashed. Finally, Bulma completes work on the time machine that Trunks uses to visit the past to give Gokou his heart medicine, and to warn the Z Fighters of the impending peril (also succeeding in creating the alternate timeline that allows Cell to travel to the past and start the Cell Game.)


No new one-shot characters.

Moetsukiro!! Nessen. Ressen. Chou-gekisen:

Burn Your Spirits to the Max!! A Close Battle, Violent Battle, Super Bloody Battle.

Movie 8, (3-6-93)

Gokou and Chi-Chi go to interview for a school that Chi-Chi wants Gohan to attend, while everyone else is busy partying at a cherry blossom-viewing drinkfest. The party is disrupted when a ship lands. Paragasu steps out to invite Vegeta to travel with him to the planet New Vegeta, to fight the Legendary Super Saiya-Jin. A drunk Kamesennin, Kuririn, Trunks, and Gohan fly off as well. Meanwhile, Kaio-sama telepaths to Gokou to alert the hero of the danger. Gokou teleports out of the interview, leaving Chi-Chi in the lurch. Paragasu introduces Vegeta to Paragasu's wimpy son, Brolly, and waffles over actually disclosing where the Legendary Super Saiya-Jin is. Gokou teleports in, and Brolly goes berserk. After a lot of screwing around, we find out that Brolly and Gokou had been born on the same day. King Vegeta had ordered Brolly (baby Brolly had already been determined to be a threat to the Saiya-Jin) and Paragasu to be killed and dumped in the trash. But, baby Brolly's power saved them. Brolly grew up to be a maniacal killer, and had poked out one of Paragasu's eyes. Right after that, Paragasu had a headband created that effectively lobotomized Brolly. Brolly overcomes Paragasu's control and turns into a Super Saiya-Jin; he trashes everyone. Vegeta loses his nerve at seeing the Legendary Super Saiya-Jin, and can't fight anymore. Paragasu knows that the planet New Vegeta will explode soon, so he wants to fly away, killing two birds with one stone: revenge on the Vegeta family, and disposing of his troublesome child. But, Brolly crushes the space capsule, killing his father. Then, Gokou summons the energy from his friends, including Vegeta, to become a Super Saiya-Jin himself, and killing Brolly. Before the planet explodes, Gokou teleports everyone to Piccolo's ship and they return to Earth.


Paragasu -- A one-eyed Saiya-Jin killer with a hate against Vegeta's family. Killed by Brolly.

Brolly -- A mad Saiya-Jin, barely controlled by his father. Born on the same day as Gokou, and hence has an affinity for our hero. Apparently killed by Gokou.

Shamo-saijin -- Ugly little creatures that have been carried off their planet of Shamo to do Paragasu's bidding. Saved by Gokou.

Ginga Girigiri!! Butchi-giri no Sugoi Yatsu:

The Strongest Guy in the Universe!!

Movie 9, (7-10-93)

The Money Family is hosting a Tenkaichi Budoukai as a birthday present for 10-year old Dollar Money. Dollar is hoping for aliens to come from space and join in the tournament, so four of Mr. Satan's pro-wrestling students are in costume as the "aliens" in the final rounds of the competition. Kaio-sama and Gokou are on Kaio planet (Kaio-sama is watching the game on TV, Gokou is playing Go Fish against Bubbles the ape -- the deck has Uranai Baba and Pilaf's crew on the face cards. ) The elimination rounds are basically 8 batches of free-for-alls; the last person standing in each free-for-all goes on to a one-on-one round. The Final Four each get shot into one of four "Battle Stages" to face Satan's "aliens." The first person to emerge from the Battle Stage wins the 100,000,000 zenni prize money, a trip to a hot spa, and a chance to fight Satan. Kuririn, Future Trunks, teenaged Gohan, and Dosukoi make it to the Battle Zones, where they are attacked by real aliens (Satan's students have already been killed.) Kaio-sama realizes that the aliens are Bojack's team. A LONG time ago, the four Kaio's had battled Bojack, and imprisoned him far, far away. Bojack has escaped, and come to Earth to destroy it and kill Gohan as revenge on Kaio-sama, knowing that Gokou is Kaio-sama's student, Gohan is Gokou's kid, and Earth is Gokou's planet. There is a lot of fighting as all of the Z Fighters show up to attack Bojack's 5-man team. Eventually, the heroes are trashed, and Bojack is about to crush Gohan's throat. Gokou can't take it any more, and the dead hero teleports in from heaven just long enough to kick Bojack in the face and save Gohan. With renewed anger, Gohan goes to Super Saiya-Jin 2 (SSJ-2), and kills Bojack's remaining minions before killing Bojack. Satan had been trying to escape since seeing that the Z Fighters had entered the tournament, but was pushed into a sled and sent to the Battle Zone, where he succeeded in destroying the camera televising the fight with Bojack. At the end of the movie, Satan is again declared savior of Earth, and no one wins the prize money (Gohan, Trunks and Kuririn are recovering in a hospital for some reason, while Piccolo and Vegeta are already fully healed. This movie has lots of continuity flaws and plot holes. Definitely doesn't fit in with the manga or TV series. The best part of the movie is the shot of the Pilaf card deck.)


Gyousan Money -- Richest man on Earth. Short, fat, and balding. About 50.

Okkanee Money -- "Money Money". Gyousan's prim, tall wife.

Dollar Money -- Spoiled 10-year-old brat in short-leg bib overalls.

Producer -- The handsome "suit" producing the Budoukai for Gyousan is never referred to by name.

Udou -- Huge, fat American cowboy wrestler defeated by Gohan.

Kanfuun -- Some martial artist defeated in the one-on-one by Dosukoi.

Dosukoi -- Huge sumo wrestler in the Final Four. Killed by Bidou.

Bojack -- Big Blue baddy dressed in a pirate's outfit. Is considered more evil than Demon King Piccolo ever was. Killed by Gohan.

Gokoua -- Blue-skinned punk with a sword. Quickly killed by Trunks.

Bidou -- Kind of a Viking-Pirate mix. Is the most interesting of Bojack's team. Evilly handsome; killed by Gohan.

Puujin -- Small arrogant Blue-skinned baddy. Killed by Gohan.

Sangya -- Pretty, evil Blue woman with LONG golden hair. A good fighter; killed by Bojack. Bojack intentionally fired an energy blast at Gohan, through Sangya's back.

Kikenna Futari! Suupaa Senshi wa Nemurenai:

The Dangerous Pair! The Super Fighter Cannot Sleep

Movie 10, (3-12-94)

Goten, Trunks and Videl are out gathering up the Dragon Balls (just for the heck of it. When asked, Trunks decides that he wants to ride cool things to have adventures (pirate ship, train), while Goten wants to eat delicious cake whenever he wants) and succeed in grabbing the 5th one. When they zip off to find the sixth one, they come upon a village terrorized by a monster dragon. The last girl in the village is about to be sacrificed to appease the monster, when Videl volunteers to take her place. Goten, Trunks, and Videl hide next to the supper set out for the monster, surprise it, and kill it (after much screwing around). In return, Trunks receives the Dragon Ball attached to the village Shaman's necklace. Meanwhile, a Saiya-Jin space capsule crashes to Earth nearby, and the sleeping Saiya-Jin inside is aroused by vibrations caused by Goten when the boy wanted to eat the banquet set out for the monster. The Saiya-Jin turns out to be Brolly. When Brolly stretches his muscles the next day, Videl senses it, and goes to investigate. As do Goten and Trunks. Brolly thinks that Goten is Kakarotto, and there is much fighting. The final Dragon Ball is located during the battle, but Goten doesn't know how to summon Shenlong, so Trunks gets trashed while trying to distract Brolly (Trunks also has to take a piss after hiding next to a bunch of waterfalls, and relieves himself on top of Brolly's head). Gohan senses Brolly's ki, and arrives to join in the battle. Gohan's blast causes lava to boil up, and Brolly is trapped in the magma. Gohan passes out as the magma inches near him. (Kuririn is dressed up like Piccolo as a joke when he saves Gohan.) But Brolly is a Super Saiya-Jin, and the magma doesn't phase him. Gohan and Goten use Kamahameha on Brolly. (And, probably because of the Dragon Balls nearby, Gokou is allowed to show up to perform Kamehameha as part of the trio.) Trunks manages to throw an energy ball that distracts Brolly, and the triple Kamehamaha blows Brolly into space, and into the sun. Videl recovers, and thinks that Gohan was masquerading as Brolly, and attacks him. Goten and Trunks go back to the village to get food, and Kuririn wonders why everyone has forgotten about him. (The Dragon Balls disperse as if Shenlong has fulfilled a wish.)


Koko -- Little Dutch girl, about to be sacrificed to the monster.

Chourou -- Leader of the forest village terrorize by the monster.

Kyouryuu -- The dragon terrorizing the village. Turned into cutlets by Trunks and Goten. Eaten by the village members.

Videl -- Gohan's girl friend and future wife. Volunteered to take Koko's place.

Kitou-shi -- "Shaman." The village magician that wants to sacrifice Koko.

Brolly -- The legendary Super Saiya-Jin apparently wasn't quite completely killed by Gokou, and he found a space capsule that took him to Earth. Killed by Gokou, Gohan and Goten's triple kamehameha.

Suupaa Senshi Gekiha!! Katsu no Ore da:

Super Fighter Shootout!! I'm the One Who Will Win

Movie 11, (7-1-94)

#18 has gone to Mr. Satan's house to collect on the 20 million zenni prize money from the Tenkaichi Budoukai that she let Satan win. Satan claims that the money hasn't been turned over to him yet. Then, a minion of a guy who was a classmate of Satan's, arrives to blackmail Satan into going with him to fight some bio-tech warriors. The minion, Menmen, threatens to tell the papers that Satan was a bed wetter in 6th Grade. Satan caves in, and #18 goes along to keep Satan from running away. Goten and Trunks hide in the back of the car to try to fight these "bio-tech thingies", and Kuririn is forced to take his daughter back to Kame House. Baron Jagaa Badda has created some pro-wrestler-strength warriors, and he wants them to fight Satan, just to put Satan back in his place. Satan pretends that #18 and the two boys are his students, and they easily destroy the bio-tech baddies. However, Goten recognizes the guy standing beside Jagaa as being the Shaman from the forest village in the last movie. Turns out that the Shaman collected some of Brolly's blood at the battle site, and sold it to Jagaa. Jagaa had his scientists use the blood to create the "Ultimate Bio-tech Warrior." Trunks and Goten try to use Kamehameha on Brolly's container before Brolly can awaken, but it is too late. However, the process isn't complete, and Brolly is badly misformed. There is much fighting, the chemicals used in the bio-tech process get loose and eat up all living things, and Brolly trashes Goten, Trunks, and #18. Kuririn arrives to protect his wife, and also gets trashed. Finally, the heroes rescue the scientists, and all of the people living on Jagaa's island escape onto ocean liners. The bio-tech chemicals try to eat Brolly, and are instead turned into an energy source for him. Ultimately, Goten discovers that the chemicals lose potency in sea water (or any liquid with salt, such as pee), so Kuririn, Goten, and Trunks use Kamehameha to create a tidal wave that cleanses the island. Brolly keeps trying to kill Goten, but is now vulnerable to Goten's and Trunk's energy blast. Brolly dies, and Mr. Satan tries to swim back home, rather than accepting #18's offer of saving him for a total of 1 Billion zenni.


Baron Jagaa Badda -- Short, fat, prissy former classmate of Mr. Satan's. Has lots of money, and is making bio-tech fighters because he can. Doesn't die, but his island does receive much costly damage.

Menmen -- Jagaa's tall, blond-haired minion. Is actually very inept, but pretends to arrogance.

Kitou-shi -- The Shaman is back, trying to make lots of money by selling Brolly's blood to Jagaa. Dies when the bio-tech chemicals eat him as he is trying to steal cash from Jagaa's office.

Dr. Korii -- The grey-haired scientist creating Jagaa's bio-tech fighters.

Nine -- Korii's chief assistant. A cute, but vacant-eyed woman.

Hei -- Jagaa's bio-tech wolf-dog. Eaten by the bio-tech chemicals.

Brolly -- A misformed bio-tech nightmare. Maybe stronger than the original. Remembers when Trunks had taunted him in the last movie. Destroyed by seawater, Goten , Kuririn, and Trunks.

Fukkatsu no Fushion! Gokou to Vegeta:

The Fusion of Revival! Gokou and Vegeta (or) Strongest Fusion

Movie 12, (3-??-95)

We are back in heaven, during the Budoukai held by Dai-Kaio to determine who the greatest dead heroic fighter is. The four Kaio's quarrel over who has the best student, and the final round is about to start, between West Kaio's Son Gokou, and South Kaio's Paikuu-han. Both fighters want to win cleanly, and they begin sparring. Meanwhile, Enma Daioh (Heaven's Gatekeeper) is being harsher than normal, sending many, many souls to hell for one reason or another (the ones going to heaven get to ride Ten Airlines, while the ones going to Hell get to pass through a "Spritz Cleaner" machine that removes all the evil from them. Once cleansed, the evil souls have their memories removed, and are reincarnated to try again). Psych Oni, the demon tending the Spritz Cleaner, is too busy dancing to his walkman tape to notice that the Cleaner is running in the red. The Cleaner regulator explodes, and all of the concentrated evil escapes. Psych Oni tries to contain the mess before tearfully reporting to Enma Daioh. At this point, the concentrated evil covering Psych takes effect, turning the boy into a giant yellow squeeze toy named Janemba. Janemba immediately encases Enma's Gate House in a magic crystal, and it then amuses itself by twisting the fabric of space for a while. With Enma trapped, the dead residing in Hell can escape and roam around on Earth. Gohan and Videl set out to combat the dead, while Goten and Trunks search for the Dragon Balls to set everything right again. Gohan gets to confront Freeza again, and very quickly destroys the monster. All of the other supporting villains from the previous DBZ movies also surface, only to be dispatched by the Great Saiyaman team. Shenlong is summoned, but the Dragon God has to admit that it has no jurisdiction over the dead, and it can't fix the problem involving Enma. So, Goten and Trunks spend the movie fighting the endless masses of Hitler's zombie armies. (Satan is also dispatching zombies easily, but he's upset that there's no TV crew around to broadcast his exploits; he plans on calling in a report to the TV station later.) Dai Kaio suspends the Budoukai to let Paikuu-han and Gokou run off to Enma's Gate House to resolve the problem. At first, they try to play with Janemba, until Gokou starts getting mad. Unfortunately, Janemba can do transdimensional tricks, and it punches one way, only to have his fist appear elsewhere to blindside Gokou. Paikuu-han is told by Dai-Kaio to try to free Enma (eventually, Paikuu realizes that by swearing and insulting people, he can make the magic crystal crack and flake off.) Janemba can also make copies of itself, as well as warping Gokou so that the hero will appear in front of his own Kamehameha. Gokou switches up to SSJ3 and pummels Janemba. The creature melts, only to turn into the next-stage version -- Changed Janemba. Janemba now uses a series of warp tricks ala "Total Recall", and trashes the SSJ3 Gokou. Gokou escapes deeper into Hell, first hiding in the Pool of Blood; then he gets rescued by the dead Vegeta. (Vegeta reminds Gokou that only Vegeta has the right to destroy Gokou.) Vegeta powers up to SSJ2, attacks Janemba, and also gets trashed. Vegeta's body flies towards the Mountain of Needles, and is caught by Gokou. Gokou tries to get Vegeta to do Fusion with him, but the Saiya-Jin Prince would rather die first (Gokou points out that Vegeta is already dead.) Vegeta's pride is tearing him up, and Janemba attacks the mountain, causing Gokou to grab Vegeta's shoulder and teleporting them both to a safe zone. Vegeta relents, and Gokou shows him the Fusion pose. Vegeta is appalled at the idea of having to do something so stupid. But, there is no time left, so the two of them perform Fusion Waza (Fusion Dance). Vegeta forgets to extend his right forefinger, and the resulting Fat Gogeta attracts Janemba's attention. The ensuing battle is plain slapstick (Fat Gogeta's only successful attack is a series of foul-smelling farts.) At the last moment, just as Janemba is going to destroy Fat Gogeta, the Fusion wears off (it took 30 minutes) and the two Saiya-Jins run away again. Kaio (West Kaio was receiving a lot of abuse from his siblings for having such a useless student) telepaths out that Vegeta botched the pose. So, they try again. And are interrupted by Janemba. Paikuu-han succeeds in breaking the magic crystal, and he runs to confront Janemba to give Gokou and Vegeta more time. Janemba apparently kills the dead Paikuu-han just as the Fusion takes hold. True Gogeta looks a lot like Super Saiya-Jin Gokou, with a Persian-style vest and baggy pants. On Earth, Goten and Trunks sense the energy levels of their fathers, and the two boys also do Fusion to become Gotenks (Gotenks uses Kamikaze Ghost Attack to create 100 exploding ghosts to destroy Hitler's armies.) Gogeta punches Janemba up a bit before hitting the monster with a special energy ball. The ball blows up in the monster's chest, and all of the evil within it dissipates. Psych returns to normal, takes one look at Gogeta, and runs away screaming. Enma is back in charge, and the dead all return to Hell (including Vegeta. Vegeta says that he never wants to Fuse again.) Goten and Trunks promise each other to not tell Gohan and Videl who it was that saved them all; Gohan and Videl chase the boys to get answers from them. In the last panel, Shenlong asks if this means that no one is going to ask him for a wish.


Paikuu-han -- A "Frog". A good-guy fighter created for the TV series to kill time. Ignorable.

Psych Oni -- Probably means "Psychedelic", or "work". A teenaged red-skinned demon boy who tends the Spritz Cleaner. Wears a skull jacket, striped pants, and a walkman.

Janemba -- Probably means "a place of evil." At first, this is a big yellow goofball that hurts stuff for fun. After its transformation, it becomes a human-sized Lucifer- type Master of Hell. Uses magic, and a magical sword. Created when Psych was dowsed with concentrated evil. After Gogeta defeats it, Psych recovers, and runs away to disappear from sight forever.

Comment -- This is probably one of the more lame DBZ movies, where the set-up takes 55 minutes, and the final climax takes only 30 seconds. Note that the "Other World" Budoukai never happened in the manga, and was only created by some TV scriptwriter to let the manga story get a few months ahead of the TV series.

Ryuuken bakuhatsu!! Gokou ga Yaraneba Dare ga Yaru:

"Dragon-Fist Explosion!! If Gokou Can't Do it, Who Can?"

Movie 13, (7-15-95)

A long time ago, a group of evil magicians brought a huge, skull-faced demon -- Hirudegarn -- to life to terrorize their planet. The demon could only be controlled by two gourd whistles and a legendary sword. Tapion and his little brother, Minosha, had used the gourd whistles to play a song that calmed Hirudegarn long enough for the demon to be cut in two, and trapped within the bodies of the two brothers. Tapion was sealed in a music box and shot out into space.... It's a busy day in Satan City for the crimefighting team Great Saiyaman (Gohan is Saiyaman 1, and Videl is Saiyaman 2) when they get a call that a crazy old man is trying to commit suicide by jumping from a tower. The old man, Hoi, is rescued, and he shows Gohan a box that can't be opened. The boy tries to turn the crank, but can't. The box is given to Bulma, but her science toys can't see inside it. So, the Z Fighters round up the Dragon Balls and ask Shenlong to make the box open. This happens, and Tapion steps out playing the legendary tune. Minosha, who used to look just like young Trunks but with red hair, was killed long ago, and his half of the demon starts stalking Satan city and trashes it. But Gohan attacks it with fireballs, and the creature disappears. Tapion escapes to a deserted factory plant, and is followed by Trunks (Trunks keeps bringing food to Tapion, but Tapion keeps chasing him away.) When Tapion falls asleep, his half of the demon tries to escape from his body, but is then recaptured when Tapion wakes up again. Eventually, Tapion is befriended, and he explains everything to Bulma. Bulma tries to make a demon-capturing bedroom, but Hoi is using his own magic to awaken Hirudedarn. Tapion's half of the demon escapes Bulma's trap and becomes whole again. The Z Fighters help trash the city in their attempt to defeat the demon, and Goten and Trunks use Fusion to become Gotenks (but, Gotenks' energy attacks cause the demon to go into a cocoon phase before emerging as a giant WINGED demon.) The Z Fighters get mulched, Tapion tries to use his whistle, but it shatters. Trunks tries to use Tapion's sword on the demon, but Gokou switches to Super Saiya-Jin 3, and announces that Hirudegarn is HIS to defeat. Gokou pulls out a Super Punch with a golden dragon surrounding it (Ryuuken), and destroys the demon. Afterwards, Bulma makes a time machine to return Tapion to the time when the boy had been shot into space, and Tapion gives the sword to Trunks (there by explaining how future Trunks came by the sword that had been used to carve up Freeza and Freeza's Father in the manga.)


Tapion -- A teenaged elf with a bright red mohawk and a gold band connected to the back of his head. Carries a sword and a gourd whistle. Has one half of a demon trapped within his own body.

Minosha -- Younger brother of Tapion. A smaller elf with an orange mohawk. He looked like Trunks. Carried a sword and a gourd whistle. Killed in a flashback at the beginning of the movie.

Hoi -- An evil little magic user that wants the energy gained from the demon when it destroys stuff. Pointed ears, red skin, long bushy #4B4B4B hair(i'm a little to into web designing), and catfish stickers on his cheeks. Stepped on by Hirudegarn.

Hirudegarn -- 1000 year old, VERY tall, fire-breathing skull-faced demon. Blown into dust by Gokou's Dragon Punch.

There's some VERY GOOD special effects here, and lots of death and destruction as the demon wastes Earth. Good mind candy. Recommended for small children. :)

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