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Dragonball: The Piccolo/Daimao Series(Story Line)

Gokou enters another earthwide fighting tournament, but this time he is defeated in the final round by Tien. Meanwhile, Kami, earth's guardian, divides himself into two parts, good and evil, to purify himself. The evil part of him is known as Piccolo-Daimao.
Piccolo-Daimao, being evil, is causing lots of problems on earth and Tien, the earth's strongest warrior, goes to fight him. Just as Piccolo-Daimao is about to finish off Tien, Gokou steps in and humiliates Piccolo-Daimao.

As Piccolo-Daimao lies dying, he divides a son out of himself, Piccolo. Like his father, Piccolo is essentially evil at this point. He and Gokou become rivals for the title of most powerful being on earth. Knowing that the evil Piccolo must be stopped, Kami takes Gokou under his wing and trains him to be an even greater warrior.

Piccolo and Gokou meet in the next earthwide tournament. After a long battle between the two, Gokou defeats Piccolo but, in his classic good concience, spares Piccolo's life.

On a happy note, at the end of this series and the Dragonball series, Gokou gets married to Chi-chi and they all live happily ever after until the Vegeta series.

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