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Dragonball GT: The Evil Shenlong Series(Story Line)

In the otherworld, the dead doctors Gero and Myuu work together to create Artificial Android 17. They all escape to earth after fixing up Freeza and Cell to take over the otherworld. On earth, Artificial Android 17 fuses with Android 17 to create Super 17. While Gokou travels to the otherworld to stop Freeza and Cell, Super 17 runs amok on earth. In the ensuing chaos, Dr. Gero, Dr. Myuu, Krillin, and Android 18 are all killed. Then Piccolo helps Gokou return to earth after beating Freeza and Cell, and Gokou easily kills Super 17.
The heroes gather up the dragonballs, and summon the dragon, Shenlong, to wish Krillin and Android 18 back to life. The dragonballs have been corrupted through too much negative energy, mostly due to negative wishes. Each of the seven dragonballs turns into an evil dragon, and the dragons fly off to find the element where they can find their perfect form.

The first dragon Gokou and Pan find is Ryan-shenlong, who resulted from the wish that brought Bora to life. Since he was the dragon of polluted water, they got him into clean water and then defeated him, restoring the 2 star dragonball. Next they fight Uu-shenlong, the dragon of electricity, who came from one of the wishes that brought Gokou back to life. He is damaged by a rain storm, then defeated, restoring the 5 star dragonball. Ryuu-shenlong, the hurricane dragon, is the next the heroes face. He came from a strange wish for women's underwear that occured in the original Dragonball series. Gokou defeats him by attacking his head (i.e., the eye of the storm) and the 6 star dragonball is back. The next dragon to be fought is Suu-shenlong, whose element is the sun. He came from a wish restoring Piccolo's life. While he and Gokou fight, his brother the ice dragon, San-shenlong, comes to join in. Suu chides his brother's lack of honor, then stands back and lets Gokou defeat San-shenlong, fixing the 3 star dragonball. Gokou and Suu-shenlong then resume their fight and Gokou wins, due to interference by the one star dragon, Ii-shenlong, also restoring the 4 star dragonball.

Ii-shenlong powers up using the restored dragonballs, and easily beats Super Gokou 4. Vegeta powers up to Super Vegeta 4, and still they're defeated. So the fuse together into Super Gozita 4, and then they mop the floor with Ii-shenlong. The dragonballs it absorbed are released, but then Gozita's fusion wears off and Ii-shenlong re-fuses with the dragonballs. While Vegeta distracts Ii-shenlong, Gokou begins to prepare a Genkidama, and all the people on earth raise their hands to donate energy. Since that's not enough, Kaiou-shin gets the entire galaxy to raise their hands. The fireball is insanely powerful, and it defeats Ii-shenlong, restoring all the dragonballs.

Now the real Shenlong appears, and declares he won't grant any more wishes. Gokou convinces him to restore earth's inhabitants, and then Shenlong tells Gokou to climb onto his back. They fly away. Pan is told by Vegeta that Gokou is gone for good, and she, Chi-chi, and Gokou's sons are all sad. Meanwhile, Gokou's body absorbs all the dragonballs, and their is a bright white flash as the story jumps 100 years into the future.

Gokou Jr. and Vegeta Jr. are fighting in a earth-wide tournament, and Pan is in the audience watching the fight. She sees her grandfather, Gokou, standing in the crowd. She goes towards him, but he slips away into the crowd. As Gokou walks away, the scene changes to show some highlights from the Dragonball-Z-GT series.

This the end of the Dragonball series, at least for now...

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