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All Information below is written as if the movies went along with the dbz series even though they don't it's pretty much just for fun so read up:

Movie 1 never occurred because Gohan was abducted by Raditz as soon as he met the Z crew. Movie 1 took place where Gohan was abducted by Garlic Jr. when he already knew Piccolo and Krillin. If Movie 1 is false, then Garlic Jr. doesn't exist. However, he made an appearance in the Frieza Series.

Movie 2 couldn't have taken place because Kakkarot used the Kaioken technique. Goku fought Nappa and Vegeta as soon as he learned the technique. After the battle, he was severely injured so he couldn't have fought Dr. Wheelo.

Movie 3 Should take place after the fight against Vegeta because Gohan had the mushroom haircut, but before the defeat of Frieza because Kakkarot, Trunks wasn't present. If this is so, Tenshin-Han, Piccolo, Yamaha, and Chauzu should be dead. They fought in Movie 3.

Movie 4 False for the same reasons as Movie 3; Piccolo should have been dead. He appeared in Movie 4. In the remake of the first Dragon ball episode, Kakkarot starts out wearing a blue suit.

Movie 5 Vegeta and Trunks were missing. Kooler boasted that he was here to kill all remaining Saiyans, but fails to consider Vegeta and Trunks in his quest.

Movie 6 Trunks was no where to be found.

Movie 7 Trunks's sword shattered when he used it to attack the fused Androids 13, 14, and 15. In the series, Trunks always had his sword.

Movie 8 Our heroes should have been preoccupied dealing with Cell.

Movie 9. Trunks returned to the future as soon as Cell was killed. Therefore, this movie could only be real if it took place between the time Cell died and the brief interval before he returned to his time.

Movies 10/11 False if Movie 8 is. If Brolli never existed, that automatically makes Brolli's sequel movies fake.

Movie 12 False of numerous reasons. Buu was causing destruction throughout the Earth when the movie took place, but no signs of Buu were seen.

Movie 13 Created to try to explain where Future Trunks acquired his sword. It shows that Tapion gave it to him as a gift.

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