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Dragonball: The Red Ribbon Series(Story Line)

As they go their seperate ways, Gokou arrives on Kame island and is told that if he wants to be trained he needs to find a bouncy girl. Another bald man named Krillin shows up, also wanting training, and is given the same stipulation. While they go to look for a bouncy girl, Bulma, Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong crash their plane in the wilderness and have to walk back to a town.
Gokou and Krillin find a girl named Lunch who looks very nice except that she toggles back and forth from a nice girl to a robber whenever she sneezes. They bring her back for Master Roshi anyway. Roshi is quite satisfied, and Gokou and Krillin are allowed to begin their training.

After months of training, Gokou, Krillin, and Yamcha enter an earthwide warriors tournament. All 3 easily progress to the final 8 combatants. The fighting in the final round goes on and on until the final match is set: Gokou vs. Jackie Chun (who is actually Master Roshi in diguise doing his best to keep Gokou and Krillin from winning and becoming arrogant).

Jackie Chun defeats Gokou after an extremely long, difficult fight and reveals himself and his purposes. Gokou then leaves his training to battle the Red Ribbon Army, an army of robots created and commanded by the evil Dr. Gero. Gokou slips through their camp, beating robot after robot, and piece by piece dismantles the entire army.

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