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Listed below is every single fight that took place through Dragonball and Dragonball Z. Have fun!

1. Goku vs. Grandpa Gohan -
When Grandpa Gohan tried to give Goku a bath.

2. Goku vs. The Pterodactyl -
When Goku and Bulma went on the search for the Dragonballs, they had to make a pit stop. Bulma was then captured by the pterodactyl, and Goku went on the motorcycle to save her. By flying in the air, Goku used his Nyiobo, he smashed the pterodactyl's head.

3. Goku vs. Bear -
A huge bear jumps out and attacks Goku, Bulma, and Uumagine/Turtle. He demands that he has the turtle, when Goku used his rock paper scissors on him, knocking him out.

4. Goku vs. Oolong -
Goku and Bulma enter a town, where people live in fear of a monster that is coming to take a girl to his lair. They nominate Goku to try and stop him, and he dresses up as a girl to be kidnapped. After Oolong in disguise finds out Goku is a boy (by going to the bathroom), he tries to scare away Goku. It never works, so Oolong runs away. He transforms into something that flies, and Goku follows him on Kintoun. After many attempts to get away, Oolong changes back, and is caught.

5. Goku vs. Yamcha -
Goku and co. are out in the desert, when they run into Yamcha. Goku tries to defend them, but he is very hungry, and can't fight as good. Yamcha is about to finish Goku, when he sees Bulma, and runs away in terror. You see, Yamcha had a fear for girls then.

6. Goku vs. Yamcha -
After learning of the Dragonballs Yamcha starts following Goku and co., and fires a bazooka at them. Goku engages in an attack, and knocks out one of Yamcha's teeth. Yamcha runs at the sight of this blemish.

7. Chi chi vs. T-Rex -
Chi chi is running from a huge T-Rex, and she throws her blade off her helmet at him, thus, cutting his head off. She finishes him off with a powerful beam from her helmet, which can destroy anything.

8. Yamcha vs. Chi chi -
When Chi chi discovers more people are out there, she tries for the beam on her helmet again. It doesn't work, because Yamcha knocks her out.

9. Goku vs. Boss Rabbit's Men -
As Goku and co. are resting in a city, two men with bunny ears and guns come by. They then start to hit on Bulma, and Bulma tells Goku to beat them up, so he does.

10. Goku vs. Boss Rabbit -
After the defeat of Boss Rabbits men, they call for their leader. He comes and tries to shake hands with Goku and co. Bulma slaps his hand away, and she is turned into a carrot. After many attempts to grab the carrot when Goku knocks it out of his hand. Goku gets it, and he forces Boss Rabbit to change her back. He then sends the whole Boss Rabbit gang to the moon, thus the Chinese legend, Rabbits on the moon make chocolates and treats to good little boys and girls.

11. Yamcha, Puar, Bulma, and Oolong vs. Oozaru Goku -
After Goku and co. are trapped by Pilaf, Goku sees a full moon, and transforms into a huge monkey. Everyone runs away scared, and Yamcha remembers that Goku's tail is his weakness. He tells Puar to turn into a pair of scissors, and cut off his tail. After that is done, they all rest after the terror they faced.

12. Goku vs. The Police -
After Goku and Krillin are informed to find a bouncy girl from Kame sennin, they find Lunch being chased by the cops. Goku wants to help, but Krillin runs in fear. Goku easily defeats them.

13. Krillin vs. The Sabertooth -
While trying to find the rock with Kame sennin's name on it, he runs into a saber tooth, which he knocks out easily.

14. Krillin vs. Goku -
After learning Goku has the rock with Kame sennin's name on it, he attempts a fight. Goku easily defeats him, but acts like he throws the rock in the forest, while the rock is in his hand. Goku goes to look for it, while Krillin goes back to get dinner.

15. Goku vs. Lunch -
After sleeping with Lunch, she hears Goku's loud talking. She attempts to shot him, but misses. Goku then kicks her in the head, knocking her out.

16. Goku vs. Ootoko -
This is Goku's first match in the Tenkaichi Budoukai. He easily defeats him by pushing him over with his finger. Everyone thinks he fell out, because no one knows Goku's strength.

17. Krillin vs. Oorinji no Senbai -
When Krillin hears that his old bullies from his old school have come, he gets a little worried. A swift kick makes his worries fly through the wall.

18. Goku vs. Contestant -
Another person Goku faced in the Budoukai. Goku kicks him in the chin to declare victory.

19. Krillin vs. Ken Pou Ka -
A man hears that Krillin is a real good fighter, so he tries to knock him out with an elbow to the back. Krillin gets up, and the man runs behind the announcer, begging for mercy.

20. Goku vs. Bokusa -
Goku doesn't do anything, but, pick the man up by his legs, and throws him out of the ring.

21. Krillin vs. Bear man -
Krillin's final fight to get to the finals. All Krillin does is block a punch and kicks the man out of the ring.

22. Krillin vs. Bacterian -
A gross fight with Bacterian obviously winning because of his smell. Krillin is just about to be knocked out with the smell, when Goku tells Krillin, he doesn't have a nose, se he can't smell it. Krillin gets up, and punches Bacterian to the ground, with him begging for mercy.

23. Yamcha vs. Jackie Chun -
Yamcha hears that this man is very good and tries to attack. Jackie Chun dodges everything and waves his fist in front of Yamcha, with the wind knocking him out of the ring.

24. Namu vs. Ran Fan -
An odd fight, where Ran Fan acts helpless, thus the attacker throws off his guard, and she attacks. Namu sees her as his enemy and foe, and easily knocks her out.

37. Goku vs. Giran -
All throughout this fight, it looks like Goku will lose, but, avoiding and outsmarting all of Giran's attacks makes him the winner, with a big punch to the gut.

26. Krillin vs. Jackie Chun -
A long fight, where it seems Jackie Chun will win. He eventually does, because he hits two pressure points at the same time on Krillin. There is this one part, where in 0.2 seconds, they do a whole bunch of attacks at once.

27. Goku vs. Namu -
A fight where Goku always lets down his guard. He always is open for an attack from Namu. Namu tries to knock Goku out with his Diving X attack, but, Goku maneuvers, and knocks Namu out.

28. Goku vs. Jackie Chun -
A very, very long fight, that took over a day to do. Goku and Jackie try to do every trick in the book to knock each other out. They test each others strength, by shooting Kamehameha's at each other. Eventually, a full moon comes out, and Goku wrecks everything in sight, while not even getting out of the ring. Jackie then shoots a Kamehameha at the moon, but it looks like he was going to hit Goku, to kill him. Goku changes back, gets new clothes, eats, and is ready to fight. They go into the air, flying at each other with kicks about to hit one another, when, they connect. Both are knocked out. They don't get up in the 10 second count, so one has to get up and say, I did so win. Goku gets up before Jackie, and tries to say it, he is on the last syllable, but faints. Jackie gets up and says I did so win, declaring him the winner.

29. Goku vs. RRArmy -
When Goku is looking for the Dragonballs, he runs into two men that work for the RR. He fights them and easily knocks them out.

30. Goku vs. Silver -
When Silver found out his men were defeated by a boy, he wanted to take action. When he did, he was knocked out with one punch and had to crawl back to his HQ.

31. Goku vs. RRArmy -
When Goku goes into Muscle Tower, he is ambushed by a bunch of guards. They are easily put out of the way.

32. Goku vs. RRArmy -
When Goku goes into Muscle Tower, he is ambushed by a bunch of guards. They are easily put out of the way.

33. Goku vs. RRArmy -
When Goku goes into Muscle Tower, he is ambushed by one very strong guard. He is easily put out of the way.

34. Goku vs. Metallic -
When Goku gets up to one of the top floors, he is ambushed by a robot that is meant to kill him. Goku dodges everything Metallic throws at him, so he fires a missile at him. Goku dodges, and fires a Kamehameha at him, knocking his head off.

35. Goku vs. Agent Purple -
When Goku gets to a forest part of the tower, he is attacked by a ninja that works for the RR. He tries everything to stop him, hiding, darting, and running. He evens makes duplicates of himself to trick Goku, but Goku sees through it, and hits him. Purple then goes and gets Android 8, which is the first Android we see in the series. Purple orders him to destroy him, but he doesn't. Goku then defeats Purple.

36. Goku vs. Gum -
A huge monster that Android 8 and Goku are trapped by. Goku remembers how outside it was very cold. He then fires a Kamehameha at the wall, and Gum gets frozen solid. Goku then punches him, breaking him into pieces.

37. Goku vs. Commander #4B4B4B -
When Goku gets out of the trap with Gum, he meets up with #4B4B4B, who is holding the town priest hostage. Goku then finds a way to knock him out, by getting shot with his gun and startling him.

38. Goku vs. Boxer -
When Goku goes back to the city to find Bulma to get his Dragon Radar fixed, he runs into a man that will fight anyone and if they win, they get 50,000 zeni. Goku tries to kick him, but kicks the wall behind him, thus, making the boxer give up and Goku gets the money.

39. Goku vs. Thief -
Two thief saw what Goku won and wants to take it, with a knife. Hehehe, you know what Goku say to that. Let me just give you a good head butt.

40. Goku vs. RRArmy -
When Goku is riding back to Kame sennin's with Bulma, they run into a RR plane, and Goku knocks them out of the sky.

41. Kame sennin and Lunch vs. The RRArmy -
When a whole group of the RRArmy comes to Kame sennin's island, they stand their ground. Kame sennin just gives them all swift kicks, while Lunch scares them away by shooting guns everywhere.

42. Goku and Krillin vs. RR Pirate Robot -
When Goku and Krillin go underwater to find the Dragonballs, they run into a Robot Pirate that kills all trespassers. Goku easily defeats it, but putting it in the water.

43. Goku vs. Giant Octopus -
When Goku got separated from the group, he goes in search. While going in search, he runs into a huge octopus, who wants to eat him, when its Goku who eats the octopus.

44. Krillin vs. Commander Blue -
When Blue comes and finds Bulma and Krillin, he tries to capture them, and he does. Krillin is easily defeated.

45. Goku vs. Commander Blue -
When Goku comes, it seems hope is on the horizon, when night fall just came. Goku gets paralyzed when Blue does an attack to make him stay still until he wants to let him go. Bulma then distracts him, and Goku comes to knock him out.

46. Arale vs. Commander Blue -
This is a little short from Dr. Slump. Arale sees Blue, and wants to stop him, so she does with a head butt, to make Blue retreat back to RR HQ.

47. Bora vs. RRArmy -
When the RRArmy detects a Dragonball around that area, Bora stands his ground. He just punches each one of them out.

48. Goku vs. Commander Yellow -
While searching for the Dragonballs, Goku runs into Yellow, he just punches him very hard in the stomach to never make him walk again.

49. Commander Blue vs. Tao Pai Pai -
When Blue comes back after getting the Dragonballs from Goku, Tao Pai Pai makes an appearance, by declaring himself the best assassin on the Earth. Blue wants to see this, so he fights him. Tao says he will only use his tong for the fight. Blue laughs at this, and attacks. Tao disappears behind him, and kills him by placing his tong on his template.

50. Bora vs. Tao Pai Pai -
When Tao Pai Pai comes to get the other Dragonball, Bora tries to stop him, but is killed by having a huge sharp stick go through his stomach/heart area.

51. Goku vs. Tao Pai Pai -
When Goku tries to fight Tao Pai Pai this time, he doesn't have luck. Goku is easily knocked out and Tao thinks he is dead.

52. Goku vs. Tao Pai Pai -
Now, Goku is stronger and can take any hit from Tao, so Goku tries to fight him in any way to intimidate him. Tao fires a Dodompa at Goku and he takes it head on. He gets up, and fires a Kamehameha at him. Tao tries to dodge, but has little luck, he then begs for mercy, but jumps in the air, and throws a grenade at Goku, but Goku kicks it back, making Tao supposedly dead.

53. Goku vs. RRArmy -
While Goku head on goes into the heart of RR HQ, he defeats everyone, never breaking a sweat. He goes to the top floor, and finds Leader Black.

54. Goku vs. Leader Black -
This is a very odd fight. Goku finds objects to help him dodge. He finds a cup, a table, a chair, until, Black goes into a huge Robot, and throws Goku out of the RR HQ. He then tries to fire a missal at him, but Goku goes straight through the Robot, making it blow, and the RR HQ is totally defeated.

55. Krillin vs. Dracula Man -
This is the first fight with the dead.

56. Upa and Puar vs. Dracula Man -
I do not know what all this fight is, but I am sure, Puar transforms into a huge monster and scared Devil Man away.

57. Yamcha vs. Invisible Man -
Yamcha was next to be up. Although he was up for a fight, he couldn't see who he was fighting. Krillin knew Kame sennin was a pervert, so he took Bulma's shirt off, thus, blood coming out of Kame sennin's nose, and drenching the Invisible Man. He gives up after he is all wet.

58. Yamcha vs. Myra/Mummy -
Yamcha tries to fight the mummy, but is to weak to fight. He is easily defeated by a hit to the face.

59. Goku vs. Myra/Mummy -
Now Goku will take care of this. He dodges everything Myra throws at him and punches him right in the stomach. Stomach problems Myra? Oh wait, he can't talk, never mind.

60. Goku vs. Akuman/Devil Man -
Now Goku has a real challenge. This foe can make you die by releasing the evil out of a persons heart. Since Goku is pure hearted, he is not affected, and Goku just punches right out the cat walk.

61. Goku vs. Grandpa Gohan (From the afterlife) -
Goku doesn't know it is his Grandpa, but he fights anyway. They go into a huge fight, ending it with two large Kamehameha's at each other. Goku is amazed at this and Gohan goes and grabs his tail. He says, I told you train to get rid of this weakness. Goku instantly knows how it is. And is real glad he can see him again.

62. Goku vs. Pilaf and co. -
Goku gets his wish granted by Ba Ba by finding where the last Dragonball is. He learns Pilaf has it and goes after it. He easily defeats them and goes back pant less, because the Pilaf Robot fired fire at his pants, thus, well, you know.....

63. Yamcha vs. Punk -
Yamcha trains very hard for this event. He goes and elbows this man, to declare victory.

64. Krillin vs. Tako Chan -
All Krillin does is pick up this man and throws him at the wall.

65. Tienshinhan vs. Sumo Wrestler -
Tienshinhan barely puts up an effort to knock this guy straight out of the ring. All he does it just poke his fingers on his head to make him the victor.

66. Goku vs. King Chop -
This was one of the contestants Goku faced in the first Budoukai. He remembers his attacks and tries to get him, but, he doesn't know Goku has been training too. Goku easily defeats him, again.

67. Jackie Chun vs. Bear Man -
A punch wins this fight. Jackie flies right at the bear and knocks him out.

68. Tienshinhan vs. Yamcha -
Yamcha doesn't even get a chance for this. He is punched in the stomach and brought to the ground. Tien then flies in the air, and breaks his leg.

69. Jackie Chun vs. Wolf Man -
This wolf is very mad because in the last Budoukai, when Jackie blew up the moon, he was stuck as a werewolf. He wanted revenge. Jackie then asks for Krillin's help. Krillin understand his head will be the full moon. The werewolf transforms back and runs out of the ring very happy.

70. Krillin vs. Choauzu -
Krillin tries his best to beat Choauzu, but has no luck. He learns Choauzu can't add or subtract and confuses him, thus Krillin knocking him out.

71. Tienshinhan vs. Jackie Chan -
A very strong fight, where Jackie almost is about to lose, but wants to see Goku's full power, so he forfeits by jumping out of the ring.

72. Goku vs. Krillin -
A fight that is very good considering they don't have the same strength. Krillin says fight me full power, and he gets knocked out.

73. Goku vs. Tienshinhan -
This is a very long fight where Tien tries to do his spilt form to shoyken, which is four arms to attack. Goku then waves his arms so fast that it seems like he has 8 arms. They then go up high up into the air, fighting, and then they both start to fall, Goku seems like he is going to win, but hits a van, and loses.

74. Kame sennin vs. Tsuru sennin -
Kame sennin sees Tsur sennin beating his students and hits him with a Kamehaemha, never seeing him again.

75. Goku vs. Tambourine -
When Goku learns of Krillin's death, he goes out in search for the killer, and get knocked senseless, because he cant think straight. Goku then retreats.

76. Goku vs. Yajirobe -
When Goku tries to find the killer again, he runs into a skilled swordsmen, Yajirobe. They fight for a while, but Goku wins.

77. Yajirobe vs. Cymbal -
When Goku sees a look-alike of the killer that is he is searching for, but Yajirobe wants to get him. So Yajirobe cuts him up into small pieces and has him for dinner.

78. Tambourine vs. Giran -
As he is in search for Budoukai contestants of the past, he runs into Giran, and kills him easily by shooting a beam through his heart.

79. Goku vs. Tambourine -
Now, Goku is full and is ready for a fight and finds the killer. He shoots a Kamehameha at him and wins the fight.

80. Goku vs. Piccolo Daimo -
Goku is no match for this fight. He gets knocked senseless by Piccolo so easily. Goku tried to fight him, but, it didn't work out as well as he thought. He remains there until Yajirobe finds him again.

81. Kame sennin vs. Piccolo Daimo -
Kame sennin tries to seal Piccolo in the Denshi Jar, but fails, and gets killed. You see, what Kame sennin did was the Mafuba, a suicidal attack. If you use it, you will be killed.

82. Piccolo Daimo vs. Emperor's Guards -
As Piccolo goes in search to be controller of Earth, he goes into the Emperor's castle, and kills every guard along the way. He leaves a trail of a bloodbath right behind him.

83. Tienshinhan vs. Drum -
As Tienshinhan was trying to learn the Mafuba, he goes in search of Piccolo. Piccolo spits out a new member of is darkness, Drum. Tien is not having much luck, and is getting severally beat up by him.

84. Goku vs. Drum -
Goku comes out and kills Drum with one kick to the head. His eye pops out and it's good-bye Drum.

85. Goku vs. Piccolo Daimo -
Goku has real good luck in this fight, but had all of his limbs broken except for his left arm. Piccolo keeps blasting away at Goku, while Goku is getting weaker every minute. Goku remembers all those things Piccolo did, and does a really powerful Kamehameha attack, and goes straight through Piccolo. Goku goes back very beat up.

86. Goku vs. Mr. Popo -
When Karin informs Goku he can become more powerful then before, he likes it. So he goes up to see Kami. He meets up with Mr. Popo, who Goku tries to fight, but has no luck. Could it be that Mr. Popo could have defeated Piccolo-Daimo? Nah, couldn't be.....

87. Goku vs. King Chop -
When Goku comes back all grown up from Kami, he fights the same guy again from the past Budoukais, who trains by learning his attacks. Well, Goku just taps his fingers on his shoulder and he is gone for good.

88. Choauzu vs. Tap Pai Pai -
Choauzu is severally injured from Tao because all Tao did was give him a punch and a kick to knock him out.

89. Shen (Kami) vs. Masked Man (Yajirobe) -
Shen is very clumsy and that's how he wins his fights. He accidentally hit his head on the Masked Man's head, and knocks him out.

90. Tienshinhan vs. Tao Pai Pai -
This is how Tien gets that big slash on him. Tien is winning and Tao uses a sword that is installed in him,\ and cuts right through Tiens chest, and Tien, knocks him out.

91. Goku vs. Chi chi -
Chi chi isn't really a match for Goku, but all Goku does is give her a small tap to make her fall down. She asks, is that any way to treat your fiancée. Goku doesn't know what that means, but she reminds him of the time they met, and he vowed to marry her. Goku said, after the fight, they will get married, although he doesn't know what marriage is.

92. Krillin vs. Piccolo (Ma junior) -
Krillin tries his best to stop Piccolo by blasting him with a Kamehameha, but doesn't have any luck. Krillin gets hit in the head, and is knocked out for good.

93. Yamcha vs. Shen -
Yamcha tries to hit Shen, but somehow he avoids every attack, and then hits his head on his pelvis area. OWWWW. Anyway, he acts like he makes a few more mistakes, and then Yamcha is knocked out, by all the pressure points being hit too many times.

94. Goku vs. Tienshinhan -
Goku is getting beat by Tien and Tien says he is too slow and not that strong anymore. Goku asks if he can change. No one knows what that means, but he takes off all his weight, which weighs about 370 lbs. Slowing him down. Goku then easily defeats Tien, with a swift kick.

95. Shen vs. Piccolo -
Shen tries his best to actually fight, and then tries the Mafuba, but Piccolo trained for that, so he did a reverse Mafuba, trapping Shen.

96. Goku vs. Piccolo -
Goku tries his best to beat Piccolo anyway possible, and when Piccolo wanted to really beat him, he increased his size, and Goku went inside his mouth, and got the denshi jar, which Piccolo ate, so no on w could get Shen. He releases him, and Piccolo decides that is enough, but Goku doesn't. He fires a Kamehameha at him, but is deflected by the blast that Piccolo made, covering the whole island. Goku then is hit by a real bad blast, he is hit in the right lung. Goku then blasts Piccolo so hard in the left arm, Piccolo tears it off, and grows another one. Then, Piccolo hits Goku very hard, knocking him to the ground, Piccolo breaks his leg, and Goku fires a Kamehaemha from his feet to hit Piccolo in the head, knocking him out of the ring.

97. Goku vs. Radditz -
When Radditz first comes he fights Piccolo (Why didn't they add that I don't know), but in this case, they go straight to Goku, Goku tries to hit Radditz, but is hit in the stomach and is knocked to the ground.

98. Goku and Piccolo vs. Radditz -
Goku and Piccolo try everything in their power to get Radditz, Goku tries the Kamehameha, Piccolo tries the Makkankosappo, and even Gohan steps in. It doesn't seem this man can be defeated. Then , Goku gets a plan., He will kill himself for it though. He hold Radditz by the armpits, and Piccolo does the Makkankosappo again, thus killing Radditz and Goku.

99. Gohan vs. Dinosaur -
As Gohan survives in the wilderness, he is attacked a couple times by a huge Dinosaur, but after a while, Gohan gets used to it, and eats his tail for breakfast every morning.

100. Tienshinhan vs. Saibaiman -
This is the first fight against the Saiyans that came to Earth. The Saibaiman makes his move, when Tien just puts up his elbow, to break its neck.

101. Yamcha vs. Saibaiman -
This fight seems like Yamcha will win easily, but, it turns out, out of all Yamcha's struggles and attempts, a sneak attack from the Saibaiman, gets Yamcha in a death grip, and the Saibaiman self-destructs, killing Yamcha.

102. Krillin vs. Saibaimen -
Angered from his partner's death, Krillin uses all of his power to do a very powerful, but slow, shot to the Saiyans ad the Saibaimen. He kills 4 of them, and the 5th one tries to get Gohan. Which brings us to out next fight.

103. Piccolo vs. Saibaiman -
Piccolo saw the attack from the Saibaiman coming, and grabs him. He throws him in the air, and a shot from the mouth, blows him to pieces.

104. Tienshinhan and Choauzu vs. Nappa -
Now, they are angered from their attack. Tien tries all of his might to stop him, but has his left arm chopped off. Choauzu tries for the attack, by self-destructing. It doesn't work, and Tien gives his life, by using the Kiohko, a very deadly attack. It seems, Tien has beat him, but, Tien's last glimpse was that Nappa was okay, and falls down dead.

105. Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo vs. Nappa -
They try to use a strategy by grabbing Nappa's tail. Krillin leads up, by acting like he will hit him head on, but, flies in the air instead. Piccolo disappears behind Nappa, and grabs his tail, while Gohan goes head on, for the attack. Nappa sees this, and knocks Piccolo to the ground. Vegeta tells them, they are rid of that weakness of of their tail, and have trained hard that their tails won't hurt.

106. Goku vs. Nappa -
Goku! Your here! Finally, Goku comes to save the day. He starts off by checking his team mates, to see if they are really dead. Once done, he gets real pissed, and starts to power up. Nappa then exclaims that he will beat him, without even breaking a sweat. Goku then dodges everything Nappa throws at him. Once in the air, Nappa decides to do a very powerful attack. He uses his mouth attack, which can kill a strong warrior. Goku uses his Kamehameha to deflect it, and Vegeta says that Nappa has had enough. Nappa aggress, because he wants to attack Krillin and Gohan, Goku sees this, and uses Kai-o-ken to get to him, and then he breaks Nappa's back. Vegeta says he will help, help him die that is. Vegeta throws him up in the air, and blows him away.

107. Goku vs. Vegeta -
This is a very long fight, so I will cut to the chase. Vegeta starts to power up very high to beat Goku. Goku sees this, and they start flying through the air, hitting, kicking, punching, and blasting. Goku uses up to Kai-o-ken x2, but this appears to not be enough. Vegeta gets so beaten up by Goku, he wants to blow up the planet, not thinking of the Dragonballs. Goku uses Kai-o-ken x3 to block his Galic ho, but it seems like an even match. Goku then risks dying by using Kai-o-ken, x4. Which overwhelms Vegeta, sending him to space. Wow, that was a good fight! No, its not done yet. Vegeta gets out of the blast, and wants to transform to Oozaru. He looks for the moon, but can't seem to find it. Vegeta then says, he will use an attack that has been used by Saiyans to destroy many planets. He then makes a ball, with enough light in it, it is like a full moon is reflecting off it. Vegeta, being the one with the only tail, transforms. He then chases Goku around the canyon, killing him every chance he can get. While Gohan and Krillin were heading back to Kame sennin's, they see the big ball of light, and go back to see what is going on. They find Vegeta killing Goku, by crushing him in his hands. Gohan decides to distract Vegeta, while Krillin gets a Kienzan ready. Krillin throws, but Vegeta jumps just in time. He exclaims that he will win. It seems he does until.... Yajirobe! Yajirobe steps in, by cutting his tail off with his sword. Vegeta then transforms back, and Goku gets the Genki Dama ready again. Gohan tries to hold off Vegeta, while Goku gets it ready. He tells Krillin to throw it for him. Krillin then throws it at the right time, and Vegeta jumps over it. WHAT!!!! Now what! It's going straight to Gohan. Goku then tells him to that, there is no evil in your heart, so you can bounce it back. Gohan does, and it heads straight for Vegeta. If you want to know what that feels like, think of getting hit with a huge planet, filled with people. Vegeta goes through space, unconscious. Vegeta then lands back down on Earth, badly hurt. Krillin says they have won, when Vegeta wakes up, and scares him away. Everyone tries their best to stop it, Gohan, Goku, Krillin, and even Yajirobe again. But, the Simulated Moon Blast is still up in the sky. Gohan sees it, and transforms. He then chases Vegeta, and Vegeta, after many attempts, cuts of his tail. Gohan transforms back, but, in midair. Vegeta is right under him, so when Gohan lands on the ground, Vegeta will be right under him. This is enough for Vegeta, so he wants to go back to recover. Krillin gets Yajirobe's sword, and wants to kill Vegeta. Goku says to let him go, he wants to fight him again. Vegeta then says, you should have never let me go, I will be back. He never does, but, the battle is won.

108. Krillin and Gohan vs. Freeza's Two Henchmen -
When Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma finally land on Namek, they run into two of Freeza's men. They destroy their ship, which pisses Gohan and Krillin off. They then give then the kick, watching them fall in the water, drowning.

109. Vegeta vs. Kui -
When they both land on Namek, they start a fight. Vegeta then says he is much stronger than Kui is, and Kui says prove it. Vegeta does. He powers up very high, and Kui gets scared, and then thinks up a plan. He says, Master Freeza behind Vegeta, and Vegeta looks the other way, and Kui fires lots of ki blasts at Vegeta. Vegeta says he has gotten much faster too, behind Kui. Kui runs away, and Vegeta blows him up, in midair.

110. The Nameks vs. Zarbon -
By protecting the Dragonballs, the Nameks try to stand their ground, but Zarbon kills every one of them. And still has the Dragonball in his hand.

111. Freeza's Henchmen vs. The Fighting Nameks -
When three young strong Nameks come to fight, Dodoria says they are 1,000 each. Freeza says, my weak minions can take of them. So they try, but have no luck, they are each killed by the Namek Fighters, with a real power of 3,000.

112. Dodoria vs. Namek Warriors -
Dodoria steps in. The Namek Fighters try to stop him, but have no luck. Dodoria sticks his hand through one of them, blows another one away, and another one, he blows into the wall, with blood everywhere.

113. Vegeta vs. Dodoria -
While Dodoria was coming back from trying to kill Gohan and Krillin, he runs into Vegeta. He tells Vegeta the secret of his home planet, how it was destroyed. Vegeta then says, now I shall kill you. Dodoria runs away, but, Vegeta blows him up.

114. Vegeta vs. Zarbon -
While Vegeta is going back, Zarbon decides to take on a fight with him. Vegeta thinks he has won, when Zarbon says, he has a trick up his sleeve. He transforms, making him about 10,000 stronger. He then beats Vegeta up, until Vegeta is holding on by a thread and is thrown in the water.

115. Vegeta vs. Zarbon -
After Vegeta has recovered, he tries to take the Dragonballs away, and runs away. Zarbon follows him, and they start to fight. Zarbon transforms immediately, but is no match to Vegeta now. Zarbon gets blown straight through the stomach, and is blasted in a lake.

116. Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta vs. Guldo -
Now the Ginyu Force is here. Guldo is fist up. He tries to kill Gohan Krillin by using his time freeze, but, it always seems to mess up every time. He then tries his ESP and freezes Gohan and Krillin in midair, without taking a breath. He then tries to spear them with a very sharp tree. At the last second, Vegeta comes, and throws a beam right through Guldo's neck. Krillin and Gohan break out, just in time. Guldo's head then just falls off. He says, Vegeta, this was my fight. Vegeta just gives him a snicker, and blasts his head away.

117. Recoome vs. Vegeta -
This fight has its ups and downs, by that, I mean, Vegeta may win, then Recoome may win, then ect. It starts out by Vegeta powering up and hitting him in the face. Recoome comes back with firing lots of ki blasts at him. Vegeta gets hit, but, he comes back with ki blasts. Recoome decides he wants to end this, and tries to get Vegeta in the water, and make him stay there permanently. Vegeta gets out just in time, and blasts Recoome in the face, blasting his face apart. Recoome then fires his eraser gun, which is very powerful. Vegeta gets out of it just in time, with the help of Krillin and Gohan.

118. Goku vs. Recoome -
This is one of the quickest fights in Dragonball Z. Recoome tries his most powerful attack, which is charging at the opponent and blasting them away. Goku stops this, by hitting him in the stomach, and knocking him out.

119. Goku vs. Buter and Jiece -
After seeing this, they want to take action. They try their best to do war psychology, but it doesn't work. Then, they try a real attack, but that doesn't work either. Well, now what, most powerful attack they have maybe? Yea.... They try their most powerful attack, but that doesn't work either. Goku then decides to show how powerful he is, by breaking Burter's back. Jiece then runs away.

120. Goku vs. Ginyu -
With this fight, we all learn Goku's true strength. He powers up incredibly, with a red aura around him. His power is 180,000. Pretty high. He starts to scare Ginyu, but, he makes a plan. He tests Goku's strength by shooting him with ki and other kinds of attacks. Then, he makes his move. He punches himself! Why would he do that? You'll see.... He yells, CHANGE BODIES!!! Soon, Goku is in Ginyu and Ginyu is in Goku. Now that Goku is in Ginyu, he is very weak, because old Ginyu punched himself, very hard. Now, Ginyu have new power and a new body to trick his friends, while Goku is falling behind Ginyu and Jiece, trying to help his friends.

121. Nail vs. Freeza -
Nail tries his best to stop Freeza, but, there is no hope for his future. He is severally injured when Freeza barley hits him with his fist. Freeza learns of Nail's plan with the Dragonballs, and leaves him dying.

122. Krillin and Gohan vs. Ginyu in Goku -
Gohan cannot fight his dad, because, well, it's his dad, and loves him. Krillin convinces him that it isn't his dad, but a monster. Gohan understands, and they beat Ginyu in Goku up. Ginyu in Goku decides to use the strength Goku showed him before he changed bodies. It doesn't work. He only gets to 23,000, and he starts getting weaker. Vegeta then steps in, and wants to beat him up, but, Jiece has another idea.

123. Vegeta vs. Jiece -
Jiece doesn't have a prayer for this fight. He loses strength with every hit and kick. Vegeta tells him to examine his power. Jiece reads it and crumbles it. Vegeta says, and that's not me powered up. Jiece is very scared now. We never learn Vegeta's power, but, we know it is higher than Jiece's, which we don't know what his power is either. Anyway, Vegeta says he is a Super Saiyan in the fight, and blows Jiece away, with one blast.

124. Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan vs. Freeza -
Well, this fight is sort of long, so I won't waste time. Vegeta starts out in the fight, but, doesn't have luck. Gohan tries his luck, and gets couple hits in. By the time Gohan is fighting, Freeza is at form 2. Gohan gets severally injured and Krillin tries to guard Dende. Freeza is growing impatient and wants to kill someone. He picks Krillin. He sticks his horn straight through Krillin and throws him in the water, dying. Gohan goes and gets him, but Freeza stops him. Gohan gets real pissed and goes on the attack. By this time, Dende has healed Krillin and Vegeta wants to get stronger too. He tells Krillin to blast a hole through him to make him stronger, to become a Super Saiyan. After many attempts, Krillin finally blasts a huge hole in him. Vegeta is about to die, when he asks Dende to heal him. Dende finally does, although he doesn't want to. Vegeta is now very strong. Piccolo is already here now too, but, he didn't have much luck, because form 3 Freeza is beating him up. Now, Vegeta has stepped in. Form 3 Freeza doesn't want to be beaten, so he transforms one last time. Now, Vegeta is ready to fight. Form 4 Freeza beats him up incredibly. Even in the fight, Vegeta knew he was going to die and started crying. Freeza didn't like that and wanted him dead. Just as that was about to happen, Goku comes. Vegeta tells him his story about him, Freeza and Planet Vegeta. He tells him about all the things Freeza did to him. Freeza gets mad at him, because he thinks he is talking to much and shoots him straight through the heart, with Vegeta dead.

137. Goku vs. Freeza -
This is a very long fight. Very long. It starts out with Goku going on the attack with Freeza, by shooting a couple Kamehameha's at him. When that is done, Freeza gets a little pissed. He starts to act like he is a big shot, and fires a couple ki at him. Then, he fires a big ki at him. Goku is just about to give up with the ki ball, but, he eventually knocks it away. Freeza is impressed, but, not enough. He traps Goku in a ball and if it hits anything other than Freeza himself, it will blow up. Freeza eventually knocks it to the ground, but, Goku moves very fast. Fast enough to avoid the blast. Freeza is really pissed now. He shoots more ki at him. Freeza starts to have doubts and powers up a little. Goku decides to use his most powerful attack, the Genki Dama. He needs to make this one real big, so he gathers energy from other planets as well. Freeza doesn't know why his hands are in the air, but, attacks anyway. Piccolo sees the Genki Dama and wants to help, so he asks Krillin and Gohan to give him some of their energy. Just as Freeza is picking Goku up, and going to blast his head off, Piccolo hits Freeza right in the head. You know when your in a fight and then you let your guard down for a minute and then they hit you real hard, think of that, but now, you are flying across a plain, with a big of foot mark in your face. Anyway, Freeza is really pissed now. Piccolo tries to help, but Freeza doesn't want to fight another Namek. He goes in to get him, but, two big ki's, where did they come from, they are headed straight for Freeza. Piccolo looks over and it is Gohan and Krillin. Freeza didn't know the other two were still alive as well. Now, Freeza says he will destroy the whole planet. Just as he is in the air, making his move, Goku drops the Genki Dama. Freeza feels huge power behind him. What is that? He looks behind and realizes that that was what Goku was gathering. Lots and lots of energy to throw at him. Freeza gets caught in the blast and it looks like Freeza is finished. Rejoice!!!! Time for a celebration. The whole gang gets together to celebrate thier victory. But wait! What is that power! IT'S FREEZA!!!! Freeza is extremely pissed now. He tries to shot a ki blast, the same that he shot at Vegeta, at Goku. Piccolo barely makes it and gets his left lung blasted away. Freeza is pleased at what he did. Goku gets real mad. Freeza then says, You won't come back !! Who is he talking too? Krillin. He lifts up Krillin and blows him up right there on the spot. Your little brat is next, is what Freeza said. Goku is seriously pissed now, he wants Freeza dead more that anything now. He undergoes one of the best transformations of DBZ. He goes Super Saiyan. Freeza is amazed at what he is seeing. Goku is staring straight at Freeza now. He is very pissed. Gohan flies away with Piccolo and Freeza is about to shoot them down, when, out of nowhere, Goku clamps on to his hand, squeezing very hard. Freeza gets let go, when Goku wants him to. Freeza then starts to shoot ki blasts at him, with Goku dodging every one. Freeza is real scared now. He finally gets the idea that if he blows up the planet, he will win, because he will fly out in space. Goku is real scared now. Freeza drops his Deathball, and the whole planet is shaking. I mean everything is shaking now. Anyway, the planet looks like it will be blown up, but, it is still there. It has about 5 minutes, and then, it blows up. Goku starts fighting Freeza now, at full strength. Freeza says, I am only using half of my true power, give me time to power up ,and I will give you a real fight. Goku being a Saiyan, he can't resist a fight, so he accepts. Goku then tries the Kamehameha after Freeza is powered up. It seems Goku will win, but, Freeza brakes out, and hits Goku. Goku decides that is enough and interrupts the conversation with Guru and Kaiosama. He wants them to wish that everyone be taken off the planet accept him and Freeza. They accept and call forth that Dende go make the wish. Freeza sees the Dragon and goes after it to make his wish. Freeza appears to look he has won, but, didn't know he has to say it in Namek. With the wish from Dende done, everyone but Freeza and Goku went off Namek. Goku and Freeza were free to fight anywhere and not hurt anyone. Goku is gaining the upper hand and Freeza is getting weaker. Freeza then decided to cut Goku up. He uses a Kienzan to get him, but Goku keeps avoiding it. Freeza then sees that not one kienzan will work, but two will. Goku keeps avoiding and then he goes for Freeza. Freeza is getting beat up, yet again. When he gets up from the ground, what would come behind him, but his kienzan. He is cut in half and very bloody. He begs Goku for mercy and Goku gives him a little of his power. Instead of using it to get off the planet, he uses it to get back at Goku. Goku sees this and fires back, swarming Freeza, and then, killing him.

126. Future Trunks vs. Freeza's Henchmen -
When Trunks came to Earth and Freeza told his men to get him, they had no chance. He cut them all up with this sword leaving them with arms, legs, and bodies.

127. Future Trunks vs. Freeza -
When Freeza sees that Trunks is a Super Saiyan, he gets a little scared, so he tries to finish him off by blasting a ki at him, which doesn't work. He gets pissed more and throws a death ball 30x bigger than the one on the Namek. He then throws it at Trunks and declares victory. BUT WAIT!!! There's more. Trunks grabs the ball and holds it over his head. Freeza then wants to get rid of him, now. He throws a tiny ki in to the ball, causing it to explode. Trunks gets out of it just in time and is on a cliff now. HEY FREEZA!!!!! What is that??? Trunks does the move of his burning attack, and throws it at Freeza. Freeza jumps in the air, causing Trunks to be right behind him. Trunks then brings out his sword and chops Freeza in half. Freeza's last words: Ugh.... That was it, he was dead. But Trunks doesn't stop there. He chops him into tiny pieces and blows him away. King Cold is a little impressed but disappointed he lost his son.

128. Future Trunks vs. King Cold -
Now King Cold says that he is a lot stronger then his son, so he tries his luck. When he gets to talking with Trunks, he asks for Trunks sword to examine it. Trunks then gives it to him and King Cold says he will win, because he has a weapon. Trunks then blocks what King Cold tried to hit him with and takes it away. King Cold is then blasted straight through the left part of the stomach, into a wall. He begs for forgiveness, but, Trunks just blows him up.

129. Yamcha vs. Android 20/Dr. Gero -
When Yamcha goes out and looks for the Androids, he runs into them, and gets clamped on in the mouth and gets the energy sucked from him. It doesn't stop there, he then gets punctured. That's right, straight through the stomach. He then is unconscious.

130. Goku vs. Android 19 -
This fight is very weird. Goku comes out a Super Saiyan, but then, comes out his regular self. You will see why in a minute. Goku starts out by acting like he will hit 19, but disappears behind him, and elbows him. Goku then follows him, and starts hitting him like crazy. 19 is losing power rapidly. Goku looks like he is going to win. But, he is slowing down. Why you ask? You will see. Goku then tries the Kamehameha at him, because he is so wiped out. 19 is very happy, because now he can take energy and get more. He sucks all of Goku's Kamehameha up and is very strong. He then beats up Goku and Goku starts to back down. After he gets knocked to the ground, he goes out of Super Saiyan, and he is clutching his heart. The heart virus is taking affect.

131. Vegeta vs. Android 19 -
Now that Goku is down, who will help them? Vegeta makes his cue now. He comes in and turns Super Saiyan, impressing everyone. He then starts to beat up 19 and 19 isn't even getting a chance to hit back. Now, 19 is in a hole with Vegeta. Vegeta has let down his guard and 19 attacks. He grabs Vegeta hoping to get his power. He says I will never let go. Vegeta hopes that is the truth. Vegeta brings up his feet and puts them on 19's face. He then pushes with all his might so he can break the hands off. He eventually does and now 19 has no hands to take energy from. 19 gets out the hole as fast as he can and Vegeta exclaims running will get you no where. Vegeta then shows us his new attack, the Big Bang Attack. He uses it on 19 and all that is left is his head.

132. Piccolo vs. Android 20/Dr. Gero -
Piccolo was looking for Android 20, when Android 20 came to him. He came up and stole allot of his energy. Gohan then came and got him out of the way. Piccolo then fought 20 and knocked his block off. He was fighting like never I have seen before. He kicked, hit, and punched like a wild man. Android 20 then yelled, you just wait, when 17 and 18 are activated, then you will be sorry.

133. Android 20/Dr. Gero vs. Android 17 -
After 17 was born, he wanted to turn on 20, so what he did was, is steal the control that deactivated him and then put his hand right through his heart. After that, he chopped off his head.

134. Vegeta vs. Android 18 -
Now, Vegeta has found his real target. He goes in for a fight, but, it doesn't work out. He tries his best to hit 18, but, she is too quick. After many attempts to hit 18, which all fail, she comes in for the attack. She comes in and knocks his head practically off. Now Vegeta is stunned. She will go in for the kill now. She comes over and breaks his arm right in half with her foot. Vegeta is very worried now. He goes to his knees and screams as loud as he can.

135. Piccolo vs. Cell -
After merging with Kami, Piccolo could easily defeat the monster everyone is talking about. He is stunned to feel may familiar ki's from him. Cell then shows him that only does he have the ki of many, but also has attacks. He fires a Kamehameha at Piccolo, but he dodges it just in time. They start to fight a little, until Cell finds a spot to get him, and sticks his needle-like tail in him. He then starts sucking energy from his arm. Piccolo breaks free and they start to talk. After done talking, Piccolo rips his arm off and then grows a new one. He says, I can still defeat you. Cell feels Trunks and Krillin coming and uses the taiyouken. He then hides his ki and runs away going to find the Androids.

136. Piccolo vs. Android 17 -
This is a very amusing fight. Each one has it's strength, but Piccolo is still stronger. They start firing ki blasts at each other everywhere. Most of the time was strategic maneuvers to get past one another. There is this one part where Piccolo and 17 keeps punching each other in the stomach very hard. Hard enough to almost go right through one another. After that, they are both very tired. Then, Cell shows up, stronger than 17, so he can absorb him.

137. Piccolo and Android 17 vs. Cell -
This isn't mush of a fight for Piccolo, because his side gets blown off from the start. 17 is alone now in this fight. Cell starts to beat him up very bad, but, 16 doesn't want him to get sucked up.

138. Android 16 vs. Cell -
16 tries his best to stop Cell from getting 17, and uses his rocket punch to try and stop him, and even a few kicks and punches. It doesn't faze Cell, because he went under the ground. Once Cell emerges, he grabs 17, and absorbs him, becoming half-perfect.

139. Vegeta vs. Cell -
Now that Vegeta is Super Vegeta, he can take on Cell now. He has learned to become Ultra Super Saiyan. He then engages in a fight against Cell and beats him up very badly. Cell is getting weaker and weaker. Every ki blast is just draining him. But then, he devices a plan. He says that if he sucks 18, he can become Perfect and good for a fight. Vegeta likes this and allows him to absorb 18.

140. Krillin vs. Cell -
After Cell becomes perfect, Krillin is very mad. (He has feelings for 18) So now he starts to attack Cell, but, Cell doesn't even feel it. Krillin is then knocked out of the way by Cell when he sees what is going on.

141. Vegeta vs. Cell -
Vegeta lives and learns. His mistake of letting Cell become perfect will almost cost him his life. Once Cell is perfect, he goes on the attack. Vegeta is beaten very badly and needs a senzu. Krillin helps Vegeta retreat back to Kame sennin's.

142. Future Trunks vs. Cell -
Future Trunks explains that his father didn't quite make it to Ultra Super Saiyan, but he did. Trunks powers up very high, but now is very slow. Trunks does get a few good hits, but it is not enough. Once. Trunks realizes he will lose, he goes out of Super Saiyan and tells Cell to kill him. Cell says why waste that energy when he can fight it again. He announces the Cell Game that in 10 days, there will be a fight against him, anyone that loses will be killed. That way he can let the other team train for this, so he can have a good fight. Trunks then goes back to tell everyone.

120. Mr. Satan vs. Cell -
Very short fight. Mr. Satan tries to hit him, but, Cell knocks him so far out of the ring, that he hits a mountain. Everyone just believes he tripped and will go again.

144. Gohan vs. Future Android 17 and Android 18 -
This is a little extra from Toriyama. Gohan is now a Super Saiyan and can take on the Androids. However, he only has one arm and lacks a little power. In this fight, Gohan is killed, and Trunks asks his mom when will the time machine be ready.

145. Goku vs. Cell -
Now the fight is set. It's Goku everyone, he will save the day again. They put on an amazing show for everyone. They start there attack in midair and start punching and kicking. As soon as this is done, they go to the ground and ask if either one is warmed up yet. Then, the real fight starts. Goku blasts a lot of Kamehameha's, as well as Cell. There is this one part where they are locked in a Kamehameha match and no one knows who will win. Goku and Cell are evenly matched. Goku looks like he is about to hit Cell with a Chou Kamehameha, which is a very powerful Kamehameha. Cell says he won't do it, but does it anyway. Cell blocks the Kamehameha away from him and the Earth. Goku sees how powerful he is and says he quits. Everyone is amazed. Goku elects Gohan to be in his place. Cell is doubting that Gohan would even be a match to him. At the same time, he is also having second thoughts....

146. Gohan vs. Cell -
Now Gohan is having second thoughts as well. Why would my dad, who is way stronger than me, put me in? Anyway, he doesn't want to fight, being the peace lover that he is, and just sits there, getting beat up. He knows he can't win, so why try? Cell knows about Gohan's anger and wants him to let it all out. To provoke this, he makes 7 Cell Jr.'s one for each member of the Z-Fighters. They may be small, but, they are very strong, stronger than Goku even. Gohan is horrified to see this and can only gawk at it. But wait, there is only one Cell Jr. without a person to fight. Without warning, 16 jumps on Cell and tries to blow himself up. It doesn't work, because Dr. Briefs took the bomb out of him. Android 16 is then decapitated. His head falls right near Mr. Satan and 16 asks if he can be thrown to Gohan. Mr. Satan does this and 16 tells Gohan to not give up. Let all your anger out on him. Never give up... With that, his head is crushed by Cell. Now, here is the fun part. Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2. Cell is very surprised at looking at this. Goku is happy, because he knew this was going to happen and that's why he was always optimistic this whole time. Gohan then makes sport of Cell and tries his best to beat him up. One punch to the gut makes Cell spit up 18. Now Cell is half perfect and can be killed easily. He then decides to self detract. Goku knows what he has to do. He holds on to Cell and says that he will transport him to Kaiosama's. He does and with those last words he says, Sorry Kaiosama.... Right then he blows up. Everyone is mournful over the death of Goku and they all go to Kami's place. IF THAT WERE THE CASE!!! Something very strange happens. Go see the next fight....

147. Gohan vs. Super Cell -
SUPER CELL???? How does he come back you say? Well, there is a little bit of brain that was left on Earth and Cell grew from it and was stronger than ever, being he has Saiyan blood. Everyone is amazed at what happened. Everyone puts all thier strength into one and tries to blow Cell away again. It isn't enough... Gohan and Cell then go at a Kamehameha battle. Bear in mind, Gohan only has one arm. At last, the fight of the century. Gohan and Cell lock arms (er arm) in a Kamehameha battle. Everyone is trying to stop Cell by throwing ki at him. Vegeta is the very last. He can't believe that the son of a low class Saiyan is fighting Cell. He wants to stop that and goes in the air and fires a ki blast at Cell. Cell is knocked over by this and yells VEGETA!!! The spirit of Goku is behind Gohan no, and Goku yells NOW!!!! Gohan then puts all his might into this Kamehameha and blows Cell away, never seeing him again. Everyone rejoices.

148. Future Trunks vs. Future Android 17 and Future Android 18 -
A very quick fight. All Trunks does is give them both a kick and they are dead.

149. Future Trunks vs. Future Cell -
Same thing with Cell, except he uses ki to blast him away and brings peace back to his time.

150. Gohan vs. Robbers -
On his way to school, he runs into a gang of robbers. He easily beats them.

151. Videl and Great Saiyaman vs. Robbers -
Just like above, except Gohan is in his Great Saiyaman outfit.

152. Chibi Trunks vs. Idarsa -
This is the first fight in the kids division of the Budoukai. Trunks easily beats him by tripping him up, out of the ring.

153. Imamo vs. Koryu -
A short fight to show how stupid the kid division is. The other kid cries, which means he lost.

154. Goten vs. Ikose -
Another short fight. Goten hits him in the jaw, causing him to forfeit.

155. Chibi Trunks vs. Goten -
After easily defeating everyone, the only kids left are Goten and Trunks. They both agree to not go Super Saiyan. Trunks hold on to Goten in a death grip and won't let go until he say he forfeits. Goten goes Super Saiyan anyway and gets out. Trunks says he violated the rule and says he can beat him with on ly one hand. He goes Super Saiyan and uses two hands to knock him out of the ring and Goten says he ia a cheater. Trunks says he can have any three toys of his and that makes Goten happy.

156. Chibi Trunks vs. Mr . Satan -
Since Trunks won the kids division. Mr. Satan has to fight him. Mr. Satan, being the coward that he is, thinks up of a plan. He planes that he tells Trunks that each fighter before the fight to tap each other on the cheek. So, Mr. Satan puts his face up to Trunks and tells Trunks to tap his face. Everyone is amazed that he is letting the kid have a free hit. When Trunks "taps" his cheek, it sends Mr. Satan flying to the wall. Mr. Satan gets up saying he is all right. Everyone cheers and chants his name. When he goes back to the locker, we see it really does hurt him.

157. Krillin vs. Butter -
A very weak warrior that is beaten easily.

158. Piccolo vs. Shin (Kai-o-Shin) -
Shin uses magic to make Piccolo not move. Everyone suspects something is up and Piccolo forfeits because he can't move.

159. Videl vs. Supopobitchi -
He has entered before, but seems like he is much more powerful now and has a M on his head. He easily beats up Videl.

160. Yammu and Supopobitchi vs. Gohan -
Gohan is planned to fight Kibit and Kibit says to fight out all power. He does so, but, as Piccolo, he cannot move by some magic too. Yamu and Supopobitchi come out and get Gohan's power. Much a sit may seem, Kai-o-Shin and Kibit have planned for this to learn of Babidi's lair.

161. Vegeta vs. Pui Pui -
Pui Pui prides in being very fast and strong. He laughs that Vegeta doesn't want any help. Vegeta easily gains the upper hand, but Babidi transforms the room into Pui Pui's planet. Pui Pui thinks Vegeta can't take anything higher than 1x gravity. Vegeta easily surprises him and kills him.

162. Goku vs. Yakon -
This monster lives in total darkness and feeds on light. So Goku can't power up or shoot ki blasts at him. Goku gets an idea that if he powers up really high, he can overwhelm Yakon, and he does, blowing him up.

163. Mr. Satan vs. Android 18 -
Now that everyone has left, everyone wants to pass the time. They decide to have a free for all. It comes down to Mr. Satan and Android 18. Mr. Satan says he will pay her if she lets him win. He does and he pays her later, declaring victory.

164. Gohan vs. Dabura -
Gohan has to fight him now. Gohan is having trouble in this fight and Vegeta mocks him the whole time. Then, Dabura feels an evil presence. Who could it be? Vegeta of course. He leaves the fight and asks Babidi to turn Vegeta into Majin.

165. Goku vs. Vegeta -
Vegeta is now Majin Vegeta. He is very powerful now and wants to fight Goku. Goku agrees and at that, then they are transported to the Tenkaichi Budoukai area. Vegeta provokes Goku by blowing up half the stadium. Goku agrees to fight now and they go somewhere where no one will get hurt. They fight for along time when Goku senses Majin Buu and says they should go to get help. Goku thinks the fight is over, when Vegeta still goes on. Just as Goku is about to have the last senzu, Vegeta knocks him out, and takes the senzu and flies off.

166. Dabura vs. Majin Buu -
A small fight because Dabura doesn't like the idea of Majin Buu being out. Dabura is defeated but not killed.

167. Kai-o-Shin and Gohan vs. Majin Buu -
They both are no match for Majin Buu. Gohan gets knocked so far away, he is assumed dead and Kai-o-Shin is thought to be dead left on the ground.

168. Dabura vs. Majin Buu -
Dabura still doesn't like Buu and tries again. Buu is starting to get annoyed with this and turns Dabura into food and eats him.

169. Vegeta vs. Majin Buu -
This is very short fight but takes a while to write. Vegeta bounces Buu around but it seems he isn't even fazed. Vegeta tries hitting him, but that doesn't work either. Vegeta thinks he is immortal and the only way to destroy him to is to not make any flesh come back together. Piccolo, Krillin, Goten, and Trunks are there. Vegeta hugs Trunks and tells him to take care of his mother. Piccolo knows what is going on and wants to know where Vegeta is going. Vegeta says hell because of all the innocent people he as killed. He tells them to get away from here. He knocks both Goten and Trunks out and starts. He self destructs in attempt to kill Buu. Everything is thrashed around him and Buu is not here, or is he?

170. Piccolo vs. Babidi -
Piccolo is sick of Babidi and all his magic. Babidi tries to make a force field, but Piccolo cuts right through it, cutting through Babidi.

171. Goku vs. Majin Buu -
This is the first time Goku goes Super Saiyan 3 in the series. He is trying to buy time so Trunks can find all the Dragonballs with the Dragon Radar. While in Super Saiyan 3, he is using up his time on Earth. (Goku is dead, so he is allowed only 24 hours) Once Trunks is done, Goku leaves.

172. Mr. Satan vs. Robbers -
These robbers figure Majin Buu will kill everyone anyway, so they go out on a killing spree. They shoot Mr. Satan and his dog Bee when Mr. Satan was tying to teach them to be nice and gentle. Even though Majin Buu heals them, he is so pissed now. Mr. Satan easily defeats these crooks anyway.

173. Thin Buu vs. Thief -
Now, there is Thin Buu, which is pure evil. He comes up to the crook and kills him on the spot.

174. Fat Buu vs. Thin Buu -
It seems Majin can't win against his thin self. No matter how much he tries, he just can't do it. Think Buu absorbs Majin Buu and becomes something much more powerful, Super Majin Buu.

175. Super Majin Buu vs. Robber -
Buu comes inside this man and blows him up from the inside.

176. Gotenks vs. Super Majin Buu -
Gotenks thinks he is more powerful than Buu and goes out to find him. He doesn't find much luck, because he runs back to Piccolo totally beaten up.

177. Gohan vs. Super Majin Buu -
Now Super Majin Buu has Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten. Gohan handles well, but Buu has this little flesh that sneaks up behind warriors and sucks them into him. Gohan easily falls for this and is part of Buu now.

178. Veggeto vs. Super Majin Buu -
Now Super Majin Buu has Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, and Gohan. But, Goku and Vegeta have permanently fused to become Veggeto. They can easily defeat Buu, but instead they show off. They allow themselves to be absorbed and once they get inside Buu they un-fuse for some reason. Now Goku and Vegeta are stuck inside Super Majin Buu.

179. Goku vs. Kid Buu -
Goku tries his luck with Buu, but his Super Saiyan 3 strength is making him slow down. They put up a tough fight in the meantime. Majin Buu is pure evil, he is the ultimate evil. And nothing can stop him. Vegeta wants to try and fight him, but if he loses, he will be erased. (Erased means, if a dead person dies in that state, he will be a erased.)

180. Vegeta vs. Kid Buu -
Vegeta is going all out on this one. It is taking Goku a while to power up again and Vegeta is on the brink of death. Majin is trying his entire best to stop Vegeta. We witness a true transform from bad guy to good guy from Vegeta.

181. Fat Buu vs. Kid Buu -
Mr. Satan thinks this is a dream, so he throws a rock at Kid Buu. Kid Buu looks behind him and much to surprise, he doesn't attack, but spits out Fat Buu. Fat Buu sees what is going on, and tries to take on Kid Buu, but has no luck whatsoever.

182. Vegeta vs. Kid Buu -
Vegeta tries again after Fat Buu has no luck. He is revived from being dead, because the Namek Dragonballs were wished to bring everyone back. Even Vegeta is brought back. Since Goku can't power up to to Super Saiyan 3 again, he has to use the Genki Dama and Vegeta is trying to buy time to get the Genki Dama ready.

183. Goku vs. Kid Buu -
Goku asks everyone to give him energy to kill Kid Buu. No one trusts him, because they think it is Babidi, so Mr. Satan asks everyone to give him energy by raising their hands. Everyone does, and we see old friends and enemies raise their hands for the Genki Dama. Since Goku is very weak, he throws the Genki Dama, and asks if he can have more power. Then, on Namek, they wish that Goku get his strength back. Goku transforms to Super Saiyan and finishes Kid Buu off forever. While going back to Earth, Goku wishes that Buu come back a new reincarnation.

184. Vegeta vs. Knocks -
This isn't even in the Budoukai, but Knocks was provoking Vegeta, and Vegeta knocks Knocks unconscious. He never fights in the ring.

185. Pan vs. Mou Kekko -
Pan is 5 years old at the time. She doesn't have any trouble knocking this guy around and then kicking him out of the ring.

186. Goku vs. Ubuu -
The very last battle in DB and DBZ. Goku asks that Buu come back good right? Well, this is him. Ubuu doesn't like to fight, but after Goku insults him and his parents, Ubuu is ready to fight. They both hit extremely hard. It hurts Goku enough to sting his hand. Goku asks him if he wants to be stronger. Ubuu says yes, so Goku takes him on his back, and flies away, going off to train him. Good-bye Goku!!! Till the day we meet Again!!!

Let's go back up now where all done here.