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Cowboy Bebop Technologies

Life in the late 21st century is not so different from our own time. People still have airplanes, cars, ships, weapons and computers. The difference lies in the space ships – MONO (Machine Operation Navigation of Outer space). This hardware includes the airframe control mechanics, navigation system and auto-calculation software. All space ships have MONO installed, leading to the term “MONO pod” for cockpits and escape vessels.

Because all spacecraft carry MONO systems as standard, they are called MONO Machines, but this term tends only to be used for small to medium-sized craft. Strictly speaking, there are distinctions between the MONO Racer, MONO Boat and MONO Carrier classes, but this is often negelected in everyday speech.

The TV series showcased many civil MONO Machines are shown, but in the movie we finally get the chance to see the military variants.

Phase Difference Space
The science of Spatial Alternation Dynamics is based on the theory that our universe phases in and out of existence, blinking on and off every 1/48th second. According to the hypothesis, our entire existence disappears every 1/48th second, to be momentarily replaced with another dimension, known as Phase Difference Space. Since Phase Difference Space is 1/240th the size of our own universe, it is possible to travel 240 times as fast within it, assuming that one can both enter and exit the new dimension at the appropriate times.

The devices used to enter the new dimension are known as Phase Difference Space Gates. By entering them, travel times are greatly accelerated, reducing the Earth-to-Mars transit time to between 13 and 24 hours. These future equivalents of 20th century Earth’s “highways” are operated by the Gate Public Corporation, which charges a toll on all traffic.

The invention of the gates made it possible to deliver vast amounts of materials and energy (including sunlight itself) to distant planets, consequently making it immensely easier to make these worlds suitable for human habitation. This process is known as terraforming.

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