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Small-time hoodlum Asimov Solenson and his girlfriend Catalina are on the run from the mob with a priceless shipment of the illegal drug “Bloody Eye.” There’s also a bounty on their heads, and freelancer Spike Spiegel is determined to get it. The couple twice elude Spike in a chase across the surface of Mars, but his Swordfish II speedster is a tough craft to outrun. A tough, uncompromising opening, considered “too hot” for Japanese terrestrial TV, and only shown on the serial’s satellite run.


Notorious pet-thief Abdul Hakim is on the run with a stolen experimental creature, but Spike and Jet have a lead. Thanks to a tip-off from a disgruntled plastic surgeon, the boys are the only ones who know Hakim’s new face, and plan on bringing him in before anyone else finds out. Except Hakim’s lost his pet to another thief, and the super-intelligent creature has given them both the slip.


Legendary gambler Faye Valentine is on the run with a six million woolong price on her head. Casino-owner Gordon makes her an offer she can’t refuse – “help” a special client to lose all his money, and he’ll pay off her stupendous debts. The prize: the best code-breaking program in the history of mankind, hidden inside a special casino chip… a chip that falls into the unsuspecting hands of Spike Spiegel…


Ever since escaped convict Twinkle Maria Murdock took over, the Space Warriors ecological group have become increasingly militant. They’ve moved on from merely saving the Ganymede sea rat – now they’re holding eight million people to ransom with the deadly simian-rabies virus “Monkey Business.” The government is ready to admit defeat, until Faye takes a package from a dying astronaut in a drifting wreck… (Not shown on the original broadcast run).


The Red Dragon syndicate is trying to go legit, but mid-ranking mobster Vicious is killing off all the moderates. Nobody can stop him – the one man who could have, is missing, presumed dead. His name was Spike Spiegel, whose former gangster past is something of a surprise to his current associate, former cop Jet Black… (Not shown on the original broadcast run).


Supplies are running out, and Faye is even reduced to eating Ein’s dog food. The boys are chasing a hoodlum who turns up mortally wounded, pressing a strange gemstone into Spike’s hand. The key to the mystery lies in the terrible gateway incident that wiped out so much of the world’s population fifty years earlier… though in the case of one individual, it had an entirely different effect… (Not shown on the original broadcast run).


There seem to be more cowboys than civilians hanging around – everybody wants a piece of the reward on explosives expert Decker... everybody, that is, except no-nonsense lady space trucker V.T., who hates bounty hunters. But Spike thinks that V.T. protests a little too much, and offers her the hand of friendship. When another trucker gets hurt, it’s V.T. and Spike who join forces, before Decker and his cargo of solid nitro blow everything sky-high.


It’s open season on bad-guys in the beautiful cities of Venus, and the crew of the Bebop have had a run of good luck. After he thwarts a hijacking attempt on a Venus-bound liner, Spike even gains an apprentice – would-be martial artist Roco. But Roco has stolen a priceless sample of the Grey Ash plant – the only cure for an allergic reaction to genetically-engineered Venusian flora that has left his sister completely blind. Does Spike have the heart to turn him in? Or will Roco’s former buddies get to him first…?


A world-class graffiti artist is drawing on entire continents, etching patterns on the Earth with orbital lasers. Suspecting a computer hacker, the police put out an 8 million woolong reward on the culprit, and the Bebop crew leap into action. Except the culprit is an artificial intelligence, and the “hacker” is its only friend, a child prodigy who insists on calling herself Edward Wong Hai Pepelu Tivrusky IV, or Radical Edward.


It should have been a routine trip to drop off a captured felon, but this latest mission finds the Bebop landing on Ganymede, for the first time since Jet left his past behind eight years before. He tries to patch things up with Alisa, the girl who broke his heart, but instead walks into a crisis of loyalties, when her new boyfriend turns out to be a man wanted for murder. Does Jet help out the woman he once loved, take his revenge for a broken heart, or stay true to his cop’s code of honor…?


With no criminals to hunt, the crew of the Bebop have nothing to do. Jet loses his shirt at dice with Faye, Spike tries some blowtorch cookery, and Ed tries to convince them all there’s an alien intruder wandering the ship. One by one, the crew fall prey to a critter in the ventilation system, and Spike is forced to do the unthinkable…. clean out the fridge. The episode was originally planned as a soliloquy by Ein the dog.


Jet is hunting an escaped convict – a wartime spy on the run on Callisto. But Faye cleans out the safe and goes AWOL, hiding out in the men-only Callistan town of Blue Crow… which just happens to be the place where the Red Dragon syndicate are planning the system’s biggest Red-Eye drug-deal, and where Vicious’ old war buddy Gren is going to double-cross him.


Spike thought he was a dead man, but it would seem his former Red Dragon buddy Lin is not as loyal to Vicious as he pretends. In the sleet-driven streets of Blue Crow, Jet is chasing Faye, Faye is hunting Gren, Gren is gunning for Vicious, Vicious is after Spike, and Spike just wants to find his lost-love Julia. Spike discovers that he and Gren have a lot in common – they both loved Julia, and were both betrayed by Vicious.
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