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Cowboy Bebop Background
The year is 2071, and humanity has spread out across the Solar System. Mankind has yet to reach the stars: the technology still does not exist, and nor does the will. Swift travel is made possible by a network of phase differential gates. In 2022, during the development of the gates, a terrible accident caused a catastrophe in Earth orbit, damaging both the homeworld and the Moon. The surfaces were heavily irradiated, and humans had to evacuate. Using the very gates that had caused the disaster, mankind left for the planets and moons of the solar system.

Governments and ethnic groups were forgotten, but soon replaced by new allegiances and affiliations, as new communities formed. As in the period after WWII, the tough times brought super-fast developments; as the economy recovered, the underworld gained more power. The widening gap between rich and poor created a boom in criminal activity, in the period later termed the Roaring Twenties. The period saw the rise of numerous criminal syndicates, specialising in illegal activities such as drug-dealing.

As time passed, the planets and satellites became independent states, and a new generation grew up with no memories of the Earth. Gate technology became a trusted part of everyday life, and a necessary tool for the people. Interplanetary crime fell under the jurisdiction of the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP), an organisation which also introduced a bounty-reward scheme. Once registered, bounty-hunters were licensed to bring criminals to justice in exchange for high rewards. This created a new class of bounty-hunters (the “cowboys”) – it is estimated that there are up to 300 thousand “cowboys” chasing criminals around the Solar system.

2071: love it or leave it.

Let's go back up now where all done here.