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Someone is committing debit-card fraud on an interplanetary scale, cleaning out the bank accounts of all the pilots who pass through the automated toll booths on the interplanetary gateways. When all the suspects culprits turn out to be pawns in a bigger game, the Bebop crew track down the real mastermind – Chessmaster Hex.


The Bebop is running low on supplies, tempers are getting frayed, and Jet is reduced to hunting down a small-time criminal who specialises in matrimonial fraud. All of which prompts Faye to think back on what few memories she has… retelling the story of when she was first woken from Cold Sleep, to discover that she had complete amnesia, that she’d been frozen for 54 years, and that she now owed 300 million woolongs in medical bills and interest. Only her lawyer, Whitney Hagas Matsumoto, showed her any kindness, but Faye seems doomed to a run of bad luck…


When criminals commandeer the prison ship that is supposed to be taking them to Pluto, there’s nothing the Inter Solar System Police can do… or is there? Jet’s old partner Fad comes to him for help, pointing out that a bounty hunter can go where officers of the law fear to tread. But Jet’s adversary is Udai Taxim, the former hit-man who cost him his arm… can Jet bear to dredge up memories of his former life? (Not shown on the original broadcast run).


Out of fuel, out of food, and sideswiped in a spaceborne hit-and-run incident, the Bebop crew are stranded in the wilds of Europa. A haul of suspect mushrooms causes trouble among the crew, with Spike accosted by a talking frog, Faye swimming in the toilet, and Jet trying to teach his bonsai trees the meaning of life. It’s up to Ed and Ein to save the day, and that entails catching fugitive pusher Domino Walker, unless rival bounty-hunter Coffee or avenging bad-mother brother Shaft catch him first. (Not shown on the original broadcast run).


Faye goes AWOL after a tough day at the races, and the last thing she wants to hear is that a package has arrived for her, cash-on-delivery. Spike and Jet let their curiosity get the better of them, and discover the package contains one of the last remaining examples of the antique video format known as “Beta.” Their quest to watch it takes them all the way to the ruins of old Earth, and leads them all back to the past that Faye herself can no longer remember. (This was the last episode shown in the original run on terrestrial television).


Spike goes to see Doohan, the ace mechanic who built his trademark Swordfish speedster. Meanwhile, the rest of the Bebop crew go in search of the Space Pirates, a group of cosmic truckers who have been robbing from the rich and giving to… themselves. But the truckers’ powerful anti-MONO computer virus is more than a match, even for computer-whizz Ed. It’s up to Spike to save the day, and up to his old friends to save him from a fiery death, with the aid of a 100-year-old spaceship. (Not shown on the original broadcast run).


After a night on the town, Spike stumbles into the middle of a firefight. The assassin known only as “Mad Pierrot” has just claimed his seventh high-ranking victim in the Inter-Solar System Police, but when Spike intervenes, he barely escapes with his life. A psychopath with superhuman abilities and a child’s mind, Pierrot hunts down anyone who sees his face, and that means Spike must fight for his life in a fairground – dodging bullets, ducking ice-skating penguins, and running from giant collapsing pigs. (Not shown on the original broadcast run).


Jet gets a cryptic message from a former associate, Pao the feng shui master. The mystery deepens when he finds Pao’s gravestone – how can someone send mail from beyond the grave? Teaming up with Pao’s daughter Meifa, he searches for the legendary Sun Stone, hoping this ancient rock can help him solve the puzzle, before hoodlums from the Blue Snake gang get to him, too. (Not shown on the original broadcast run).


The Teddy Bomber, a terrorist with a fluffy-toy fetish, has been planting explosives in tall buildings all over town. Just as Spike catches up with him, the two are interrupted by Andy the cowboy. A rich kid with nothing to do but play at bounty hunting, Andy causes trouble for Spike and the gang, be they undercover at a fancy dress party, or pursuing a giant teddy bear through the streets of Tharsis. (Not shown on the original broadcast run).


After days without a word, Faye suddenly turns up on a chat show, singing the praises of Brain Scratch, a religious cult that promises its followers digital immortality. But word on the street is that Brain Scratch is a sham, and its leader Dr. Londo is wanted by the police after several members rush into “paradise” by committing suicide. The Bebop crew must find the elusive Londo before it’s too late – both for him and his new acolyte Faye Valentine. (Not shown on the original broadcast run).


Still haunted by her missing past, Faye searches for more clues to her identity. But it’s Ed who turns up the crucial pieces of the puzzle. The crew reluctantly return to the crater-strewn Earth, where Faye finally comes face-to-face with a figure from her past. Meanwhile Ed gets a surprise of her own when she drops in on her former home – she is reunited with her father, but there’s the annoying little problem of a bounty that needs to be settled. Of course, the identity of this strange man is suspect, but if he really is Ed’s father, what will she do? (Not shown on the original broadcast run).


Not even the cops can control the violence erupting on the streets of the Martian capital Tharsis. The Red Dragon crime syndicate is in the middle of a succession war, and many old scores are being settled. Vicious is sentenced to death for disobeying the elders, while his former rival, one Spike Spiegel, finds there’s a price on his own head. Reunited at long last with his true love Julia, he is forced to confront more ghosts from his own past, while Jet tries to talk him out of it by quoting Ernest Hemingway – always a sign of trouble on the horizon. (Not shown on the original broadcast run).


When Vicious seizes control of the Red Dragon syndicate, Spike gets his chance to disappear with Julia. But the desire for revenge still burns inside him – and he plots a one-man mission into the heart of Vicious’s gangland headquarters. Remembering his own words to her, Faye muses that it is better to have faith in a better future than cling to a tragic past, but will her warning be enough…? (Not shown on the original broadcast run).
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