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Why Is Trigun Called Trigun?
Trigun obviously means "three guns."

But why three guns? When do they show up in the series? Whose guns are they?

"Vash the Stampede" has three guns, but they do not all show up in the series until episode 16.

Vash's first gun is his silver hand gun with the barrel marking 45 LONG COLT AGL FACTORY. Vash uses his gun for the first time in episode 5 while fighting the Nabraska family.

His second gun appears for the first time in episode 12 while fighting "Monev the Gale". Vash's left arm actually turns into a gun! His hand slides out, and his arm functions as the barrel of the gun. This same arm is replaced into a machine gun arm in episode episode 19, when the doc gives him a new arm.

The third gun appears in episode 16 while fighting "Rai-Dei the Blade" Vash's entire right arm transforms or fuses with his silver gun into a devastatingly powerful weapon, called the Angel Arms.

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