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Aliases The Humanoid Typhoon, The 60 Billion Dollar Man
Weapons Silver six-shooter revolver, boot knife, hidden gun in his left arm(gets upgraded to amachine gun later), One Angel Arm
General Info The mere mention of his name will drive fear into every man's heart. Legends have it that he's over 100 years old, and that he has blown a hole in the moon. Wherever Vash goes, he always leaves the towns behind deserted and destroyed. However, is Vash really this monster that everyone portrays him to be? When people personally meet Vash, they have a real hard time believing that this "spiky hired, donut freak of a man" is the legendary criminal. To be honest, Vash the Stampede poses less of a threat then the average puppy dog. He loves life, is always happy, and puts other people's safety ahead of his. It is obvious that he isn't a criminal. But if he is not, then who is?
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Aliases Preacher Man
Weapons The "Cross Punisher", which is the large cross wrapped in cloth and belt straps that Nick always carries. It conceals guns in a hidden compartment and is actually two guns itself. One side of the cross fires a projectile and the other is a machine looks very phat.
General Info This chain-smoking, reverend turned gunman is Vash's good friend and partner. He says he runs an orphanage for kids, but he has absolutely no qualms about killing others, much to Vash's chagrin. He thinks that all evildoers must be punished, and that it's his responsibility to carry out the punishment. He frequently butts heads with Vash over the whole killing issue, and is very angry that Vash won't even kill in self-defense. Will Nicholas ever appreciate the sanctity of life, or will he continue living with his own creed?
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Aliases Derringer Meryl
Weapons 50 derringer pistols under her cape
General Info Little, short haired, and an even shorter temper. This pretty much sums up Meryl, who is on a mission from the Bernadelli Insurance Agency to hunt down Vash and prevent him from destroying any more towns. Along with her partner Millie, Meryl travels with Vash all over, keeping an eye on him and looking after him. Although she doesn't think too much of Vash's goofiness, she eventually grows to appreciate his "love and peace" attitude.
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Aliases Stungun Millie
Weapons Huge stun gun
General Info Meryl's partner, Millie is good-natured and fun spirited. Although she can act like a kid sometimes, she really does have an innocent and pure heart. Abnormally large and strong for a woman, Millie can lift heavy objects with ease, and can intimidate the toughest man. Despite her power however, Millie wouldn't hurt a fly, she loves kids, and develops a strange attachment to Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Now, if she can just be more responsible and report to work on time, everybody would take her more seriously!
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