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3D Babes(Explicit)

Big Boobs(Explicit)



UnCensored Babes(Explicit)

History of babes

Clean verses dirty babes

Addicted to anime babes test.

Is it wrong to like anime babes?

How young is to young to look at anime babes?

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Anime Fanz
Saiyanz Rage
Black Goku
Bleach Portal
Majin Planet .Org
Secret Saiyan

How do you know if your addicted to anime babes
how do you know if your addicted well if you answer yes too
3 or more of these question you our a addict and you should get some help

1.Do you think about anime babes when your at your place of business or education?

2.Do you come to this section of or another anime babes site more than 50 times a day?

3.Do you have print out's of them or actual posters on your wall?

4.Would you hurt someone if they offended one of your favorite anime babes verbally or physically?

5.If a person called you a pervert would you inturn murder them then talk to there dead body and tell them your really not a pervert you just really like good looking babes even if there not real?

6.If your parent or such caught you looking at anime babes would you tell them that the anime babe is your girl friend and your just looking at her picture before you meet her?

7.After you get taken to a mental clinic would you fight the guy who say's he is britney spears and he is the best looking female ever?

8.Once you break out and get back on the net would you still look at her and say you love her?

9.If you have responded yes to the first 8 so far I real wonder about you but I will ask you number 9 OK if you saw a anime babe would you give up your life for her and live forever in happy land?

10.Now that you are in happy land and you don't see her there do you feel sad?

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