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Main Animes Covered:
Akira - On the 16th of July 1988 an atomic bomb goes off in Tokyo Japan...
Anime Babes - When these animes first came out it was done to entertain soldiers...
Cowboy Bebop - In the 21st century, humanity has developed an interplanetary society...
Dragonball Z/GT - 3 anime series, showcasing a single boys adventures from childhood to manhood...
Trigun - Set in Gunsmoke, a desert planet with double suns, comes Trigun a show about Vash The Stampede...
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Anime Reviews - The Official PbxAnime for anime fans, by anime fans section, where almost all anime reviews are done by viewers of just like you.
Image Gallery - View Images, Scans, Cels and Animated Gifs from your favorite animes, also a special area for shockwave and flash games. Over 2,000 images are in this section, which makes it quite popular, so please sign up to view it now.
PbxForums - If nothing else, Pbx Forums is a great place to just chat with other anime fans. Better yet it's a great place, to just hang out when your bored. Your not limited to just talk about anime, there's forums for Music, Ranting and Shows, Poetry, Songs, and the list keeps going, become a member it's worth it.

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